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China Minsheng Bank Continues to Increase Investments in Green Bonds

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China Minsheng Bank firmly implements the national strategy of green and low carbon transition, attaches great importance to and actively fulfills its own ESG responsibilities, continues to increase financial support for green and low-carbon fields, and promotes investments in green bonds from a strategic perspective. In the Guidelines for Annual Bond Investments of this year, China Minsheng Bank clearly puts forward the requirements on investments in green bonds, gives priority to bonds in line with national strategies including green finance, carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality, and rural revitalization, and further increases the proportions of investments in green bonds and rural revitalization bonds. As at the end of May 2022, China Minsheng Bank has invested a total of RMB31.33 billion in green bonds, including RMB12.46 billion in green bonds of non-financial enterprises, RMB5.04 billion in green financial bonds, and RMB13.83 billion in asset-backed securitization products.

China Minsheng Bank will continue to follow issuers' needs in issuing green bonds, further increase investments in green bonds and other relevant financial products, and facilitate the achievement of goals of carbon emission peaking and carbon neutrality while satisfying people's needs for livelihood and well-being. Meanwhile, the Bank will continuously increase investments in standard assets concerning green finance and relevant themes, such as bonds and asset-back securitization products according to feedback of branches on customer needs, actively perform its social responsibilities and comprehensively promote the construction of green finance system.