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China Minsheng Bank Awarded "Advanced Unit in Green Bank Evaluation"

#Green Finance#

On 8 September, China Banking Association held the re-election meeting and the first meeting of the third standing council of its green credit professional committee. Present at the meeting were Liu Feng, secretary general of China Banking Association, Li Xiaowen, counsel II of the policy research bureau of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Jiang Zhaoli, deputy director of the department of climate change of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, representatives of 35 member units of the green credit professional committee and relevant cooperative institutions. It was announced at the meeting the Decision of China Banking Association on the Awarding of "Advanced Units in Green Bank Evaluation" and "Units with Remarkable Progress in Green Bank Evaluation" by the Green Credit Professional Committee to Relevant Units, and the medals were awarded. China Minsheng Bank improved significantly in terms of evaluation score as compared with the previous year, ranking the third among joint-stock banks, and was awarded the "Advanced Unit in Green Bank Evaluation".