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China Minsheng Bank Continues to Promote Evaluation and Improvement of Happiness Index

China Minsheng Bank has been committed to build its Happy Homeland and formally introduced the management tool of “Happiness Index” in 2017. Based on the exclusive happiness index model of China Minsheng Bank, the Head Office conducts happiness index assessment among all employees (including dispatched employees) on an annual basis, collecting data on employee’s happiness experience in six areas including  work  strength,  attentive  care,  win-win  growth,  team  motivation, organizational excellence and employee happiness ability. Based on the employee assessment data, it develops overall research reports and sub-reports on operating units through multi-dimensional, multi-level and multi-subject cross-comparison and analysis. In order to maximize the role of the happiness index in optimizing management, providing tools and promoting development, the Bank carries out the “Bamboo Forest Plan” for the operating units every year to help them collect and sort out key demands of employees, assist the management of each operating unit in identifying, facing and solving problems, so that they can form their work plans and action lists for improvement to effectively improve employee experience and promote development.

In 2022, in order to thoroughly implement the Five-Year Development Plan of China Minsheng Bank and better lead the employees to play a major role in the new journey of transformation and development, China Minsheng Bank continues to grasp the happiness index as a powerful tool and carries out a number of actions, such as happiness index assessment, research report preparation and happiness empowerment of operating units, to continuously improve employees’ sense of gain, achievement and happiness. The Bank will root the construction of the Happy Homeland more powerfully at the ground level to benefit the front-line employees, and take the advantage of their “warm strength” to facilitate the "fixed targets" of business development, so as to inject endless vitality into its high-quality development.