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China Minsheng Bank Expands the Coverage of Qualification Certification

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China Minsheng Bank encourages employees to improve their competence through learning and thus promote their career development, and actively builds internal training system, improves relevant policies, and provides fund support for employees’ expenses on obtaining external qualification certifications that are closely relating to their businesses and job requirements during their employment.

In the first half of the year, China Minsheng Bank revised the Administrative Measures on Employee Education and Training of China Minsheng Bank and the Administrative Measures on StafEducation Expenses of China Minsheng Bank. According to the revised versions, all employees (including regular employees and contractors, the Bank has no part-time employees) can reimburse the expenses of external core certifications, such as CFA and FRM, upon approval of the Bank.

Aiming to "build ladder and stages for employees" and "accelerate employee’s growth and establish a learning organization", and in line with the requirements of the reform of talent selection and appointment system and mechanism, China Minsheng Bank focuses on employees’ growth and development, sets training and development goals for different job sequences and levels, and builds the learning path map centering on employees’ capability development and career planning, while thoroughly implementing "job position-oriented training".