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China Minsheng Bank’s Policy System for Fair Advertising

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China Minsheng Bank strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations such as the Advertising Law of the People s’ Republic of China, and clearly defines the management of advertising and suppliers in accordance with the “fair advertising policy” in its Administrative Measures on Brand Building of China Minsheng Bank (the Measures).

I. Relevant Provisions of the Policy

The Measures applies to all institutions at all levels of China Minsheng Bank both in and outside the Chinese mainland. For advertising management, it clearly stipulates that the advertising management of China Minsheng Bank shall strictly abide by the provisions of the Advertising Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations. In accordance with the fair advertising policy, the contents of advertisements shall be lawful and compliant, and shall avoid those of exaggeration, falseness, misleading consumers, or those contain discrimination and unfair competition. The design and production of advertising materials shall comply with relevant regulations on intellectual property rights. The Executive Office of the Head Office of the Bank shall make a unified advertising template for the parent brand, and the advertising templates for sub-brands used by each institution are subject to review and approval by the Executive Office. During the process of advertisement production, the Executive Office monitors the progress of the projects. Before releasing an advertisement, each institution shall submit the contents to the legal affairs and compliance department at the same level for copyright review, and to the brand management department at the same level for standard specification and content review, and shall not release it without pre-review.

The Measures also clearly stipulates the management of brand communication suppliers, including the centralized procurement and supplier pool management, and the whole process management of pooled suppliers.

The Audit Department of the Head Office conducts independent supervision and inspection on the brand building management of the whole bank according to the management requirements of the Bank.

II. Implementation of the Policy

China Minsheng Bank conducts whole process review and monitoring on all advertising and marketing activities. The advertising review department (Executive Office of the Head Office) carries out strict reviews according to the fair advertising policy to ensure that the contents of advertisements are lawful and compliant, have no exaggerated, false or consumer-misleading promotions, no discriminative contents nor that would bring negative impact on viewers, so as to prevent the risk of infringing on consumer rights and interests. The advertisements shall feature diversity, inclusiveness and transparency, shall be targetedly released in accordance with the characteristics of viewers, and shall be monitored in real time. The Bank strives to carry out brand promotion and marketing activities in strict compliance with relevant laws, regulations, social norms and ethical standards.

The Bank conducts centralized procurement, pool management and whole process management of brand communication suppliers. It makes evaluation and assessments on their performances and manages their improper behaviors, and provides unified training on brand communication standards for pooled suppliers.

Immediately after the release of the Measures, the Bank carried out various forms of training. At the same time, the Bank provided all employees with relevant training on advertising, promotion and responsible marketing on a regular basis in compliance with relevant regulations. Any behavior conflicting with the Measures will be considered as violation and will be subject to punishment in accordance with the relevant regulations.