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China Minsheng Bank Conducts Training for Employees Serving Individual Customers

#Consumer Financial Protection# #Privacy & Data Security#

To further deepen the "customer-centric" philosophy of consumer rights protection and improve the relevant management ability and knowledge level, China Minsheng Bank has actively built a segmented and classified training mechanism to provide systematic trainings for employees directly serving individual customers, middle and senior managers, new employees and other audience groups involving in consumer rights protection.

In response to the work scenarios and common needs of employees directly serving individual customers, China Minsheng Bank has launched a variety of online and offline courses. A dedicated online training section of "Special Training on Consumer Rights Protection", covering seven courses on key knowledge of consumer rights protection, such as dispute resolution, lobby management, cases and practices, etc., was provided to the employees for mobile learning. Offline trainings also have been organized for the employees at different business lines and branches, with the view of strengthening their mastery of relevant policies, complaints handling skills, and compliant sales concepts, and further consolidating the foundation of consumer rights protection works of grassroots business personnel. In addition, all institutions of the Bank have organized frontline personnel at business outlets to carry out self-learning on consumer rights protection during morning meetings or review meetings.

In the next step, China Minsheng Bank will continue to promote the consumer rights protection trainings across the whole Bank, strengthen the introduction of diversified learning resources, continue to promote the systematic construction of consumer rights protection trainings, and effectively improve the professional level of its employees in protecting consumer rights.