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Employee Question Feedback Platform of China Minsheng Bank

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In order to actively promote the implementation of democratic management, China Minsheng Bank has launched a communication platform of “Voice of Minsheng”, as an improvement of its long-term feedback mechanism for questions of employees. For the purpose of "listening to employees, gathering their wisdom and winning their hearts”, the Bank pays equal attention to collecting and addressing problems from grassroots employees, and regularly publicizes and answers the questions of common focuses and concerns of employees on the platform, while collecting and analyzing major issues and situations to report to the bank leaders for decision-making.

The “Voice of Minsheng” platform focuses on the difficulties in business development of the whole bank and the hot spots of employees’ concerns, and addresses questions on issues including: 1. Problems remain unsolved for a long time that have affected the management of institutions or business development; 2. Problems that have significant importance, difficult points and urgent circumstances; 3. Problems that are under buck-passing due to unclear responsible departments; 4. Problems that are closely tied to employee management and development; and 5. Opinions, suggestions or innovative solutions that are in relation to management rules, business policies, products and services, and IT systems, etc.

The “Voice of Minsheng” platform provides anonymity protection for all employees' privacy information. All employees of the Bank can anonymously submit their questions or suggestions, which must be answered by the relevant departments within the specified time limit, and they can make comments on the answers anonymously. If not satisfied with the first answer, employees can add questions for unlimited times, during which the answering time limit and the anonymity protection apply as well.