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Investor Relations

Minsheng Honnors

The Company was honoured as the “Best Institution in China for 2019 (2019年度中國最佳機構)” by Asia Risk;

The Company won the “Best IR Team  (最佳IR團隊)” award in the Golden Bauhinia Awards by China Securities;

The Company won the “Top 10 Investment Banking Innovation Award (十佳投資銀行創新獎)”, the “2019 China’s Financial Innovation Award (2019中國金融創新獎)” and the “Top 10 Mobile Banking Innovation Award (十佳手機銀行創新獎)” by The Chinese Banker;

The Company won the Best Development Award (最佳發展獎) by China Banking;

The Company was awarded the “Best Custodian Bank of the Year (年度最佳託管銀行)” by the Financial Times in its Gold Medal Award of Chinese Financial Institutions (中國金融機構金牌榜);

The Company won the “First Prize for Outstanding Case of Financial Services for Global Industry Chain (金融服務全球產業鏈優秀案例一等獎)” by the Asian Financial Cooperation Association;

The Company won the prize of “Hurun New Finance Report in 2019 (2019胡潤新金融百強榜)” at the “Summit of Hurun New Finance Report in 2019 (2019胡潤新金融百強榜峰會)” jointly organised by Hurun Report (胡潤百富) and [Tong] (小銅人);

The Company won the “Golden Wealth Management” - Private Banking Excellence Award (「金理財」年度私人銀行卓越獎) by the Shanghai Securities News;

The Company was awarded the “Most Influential Brand in the PRC Consumption Market (中國消費市場行業影響力品牌)” by the Consumption Daily (消費日報);

The Company was awarded the “Golden Bull Wealth Management Bank of the Year (年度金牛理財銀行)” in the “Golden Bull Wealth Management Awards (金牛理財綜合評選)” organised by the China Securities Journal;

The Company was presented with the “Fifth Investor Relations Award (第五屆投資者關係大獎)” by the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association;

The Company was honoured as the “Outstanding Listed Enterprise in Social Responsibilities” at the 4th Golden Hong Kong Stocks Awards (第四屆金港股「最具社會責任上市公司」大獎) by zhitongcaijing.com (智通財經);

The Company was granted the 2018 Gold Winner Award (2018年年報金獎), Top 80 Chinese Annual Reports (最佳80強中文年報) and “Scientific and Technical Innovation Award (科技創新獎)” in the International ARC Award (年報大賽) (ARC);

The Company was granted the “Trustworthy Bank of 2019 (2019年度用戶信賴銀行)” by hexun.com.