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Investor Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

1.In which capital market are shares of CMBC listed and what is its stock code?
A:On December 19, 2000, A-shares of CMBC were listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange.The stock code is 600016.
On November 26, 2009, H-shares of CMBC were listed at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The stock code is 01988.
2.What’s the address of CMBC head office?
A:No.2 Fuxingmen Nei Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing
3.What are the channels for investors to acquire the information on CMBC?
A:For information,investors may visit the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange (www.sse.com.cn) or CMBC (www.cmbc.com.cn), or consult relevant questions through our investors’hotline or mailbox.Investors’hotline: 8610-58560975(北京), 8610-58560824(北京);Investors’mailbox:E-mail address:cmbc@cmbc.com.cn
4.How often does CMBC disclose its financial information?
A:We disclose our financial information through quarterly report, semi-annual report and annual report.
5.A brief introduction of CMBC branches (extracted from 2012 CMBC Annual Report)
Answer:By the end of the reporting period, CMBC had established 33 branches in 33 Chinese cities and 702 organizations in total in China As of the end of the reporting period, CMBC organization