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Trade Financiers

Trade Financiers

Brief Introduction on Trade Financier Brand

At the beginning of 2008, the Trade Financier  brand was established by the Trade Finance Department of China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd (CMBC), with its registration finished in September 2010, which makes CMBC the first commercial bank with a specialized trade finance brand and trademark in mainland China. This has significantly promoted the overall development of trade finance business. The Trade Financier brand is not only one of the most important corporate business brands of CMBC, but also a leading brand in the banking industry.

The Chinese character for “Jia” has the meaning of “expert”, referring to those who focus on the research of specific industry and master professional expertise. By defining “expert” in trade finance sector, CMBC Trade Finance Department is highlighting its characteristic of professionalism and demonstrate its willingness and capability of providing customized services. “Jia” also has the meaning of “family”, indicating CMBC Trade Finance Department has created a large trade finance family with rich culture and strong cohesion for all customers and employees.  The interpretation of Trade Financier brand is: CMBC Trade Finance Department is dedicated to becoming a supplier of financial solutions, a matchmaker between financial industry and resource industries and an internationally recognized trade bank by basing its foundation on innovation, relying on specialized trade financing and risk assessment teams, creating an efficient business flow on a high-tech platform and with the mentality of “investment bank plus commercial bank”, combining capital financing, intelligence financing and resource financing. The construction of Trade Financier brand is diversified in its purposes and distinctive in its values, which has played an obvious value transmission function.

Introduction of Trade Finance Department

Since its establishment in November 2005, CMBC Trade Finance Department persistently sticks to the business strategy of "being professional and doing specialized trade finance” actively implements the principles of “professionalism, dedication and specialization”, adheres to innovative development and characterized management and operation. Based on the Trade Financier brand, it is committed to becoming a provider of financial solutions and an integrator of finance and resources” so as to meet the multi-linkage and whole-process trade chain financing needs of the integrated domestic and international trade business of the enterprises.

For many years, CMBC Trade Finance Department has vigorously promoted the four integration strategy, including domestic and international trade business integration, Chinese and foreign currency business integration, onshore and offshore business integration, mainland and overseas trade business integration respectively. It has focused on product innovation, eight series covering more than 60 products have been launched for tailoring comprehensive solutions for trade finance clients. Among all the businesses, it has consistently made “factoring” and “structural trade finance” as momentum for business development. Now CMBC is taking the lead in both international factoring and domestic factoring among Chinese banks and has forged its own feature brand for this business. The structural trade finance business, covering overseas project financing, long-term financing, shipping financing and commodity trade financing, has also maintained fast growth. In addition, its innovative business products and solutions have enjoyed extensive  recognition by the customers, such as TSF, capital matching pool and product series for integration of domestic and overseas markets.
When implementing its company-wide strategies of “being customers’ main  bank” and “financial steward”, CMBC Trade Finance Department has positively innovated its business models and set up the “Huashan Club” aimed at cultivating future business leaders in segmented sectors and niche markets in China. Furthermore, it has especially set up a fund for supporting the “going global” business to prop up the overseas investment of Chinese non-state enterprises. By far, the brand position of CMBC trade finance business has already come into shape, featuring itself as " a  first-class specialized trade bank in local China”.

Milestones of the Trade Finance Department

1.In November 2006, CMBC won the ‘2006 Best Trade Finance Innovation Award” and became one of the “Top 10 Potential Growth Commercial Banks in Asia”
2.In November 2007, CMBC won the ‘2007 Best Trade Finance Bank Award” and became one of the “Top 10 Asian Commercial Banks in terms of competitiveness”
3.In March 2008, Mr.Lin Zhihong, President of CMBC Trade Finance Department was chosen as one of the Top 50 Most Promising Young Bankers in the Asia Pacific and Gulf Regions by The Asian Banker
4.In November 2008, CMBC Trade Financier Brand won the 2008 Corporate Finance Service Brand Award of CBN Annual Ranking on Financial Worth
5.In May 2009, CMBC won the "Trade Finance Achievement Award in China” by The Asian Banker
6.In May 2010, CMBC won the “Chinese Banking Achievement Awards-Best Trade Finance Bank Award” by Financial Times
7.In June 2010, CMBC won the Best Export Factor Service Quality Improvement Award (Number Two) on the 42nd Annual Meeting of Factors Chain International (FCI)
8.In June 2011, CMBC won the Best Trade Finance Innovation Award by Financial Times
9.In June 2011, CMBC won the 2011 Global Best Factor Market Development Award on the 43rd Annual Meeting of Factors Chain International (FCI)
10.In June 2012, CMBC won the Chinese Excellent Trade Finance Bank Award by Financial Times
11.In October 2012, CMBC won the “Best Trade Finance House in China” by Hong Kong Corporate Treasure
12.In April 2013, CMBC won the “Best Trade Finance Bank in China” by The Asian Banker
13.In May 2013, TSF and Capital Matching Pool series of financial product innovation cases have won the award of “Top 10 Corporate Financial Product Innovation” by The Banker