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Back-to-back Factoring

【Product Definition】

When an exporter sells to overseas end customers through an overseas agent/middle man, and the exporter and agent/middle man have both assigned the receivables to Minsheng Bank/an import factor cooperating with Minsheng Bank, Minsheng Bank will provide the exporter or agent/middle man with financing, maintenance of sales ledger, collection of receivables, overseas buyer’s credit risk guarantee and other relevant services.

【Applicable Scope】

Exporting enterprises that use O/A or D/A settlement and sell to end customers through any agent/middle man.

【Product Advantages】

Easy financing and the client’s earlier receipt of foreign exchange, which helps improve its financial structure;

Earlier settlement of the foreign exchange to avoid exchange rate risk;

Guarantee of security and account maintenance for payment received from overseas.

Clients’ easier access to the market, and less necessity of other guarantee measures.