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Financing for Overseas Investment

Scope of business:The merger and acquisition, and subsequent development of overseas resources projects, such as mineral, oil, natural gas, coal, agricultural resources; overseas plant construction, production capacity transferring projects, or foreign free-trade zone development which can promote the export of Chinese equipment and technologies or effectively avoid trade barriers; Investment in overseas R&D centers, exhibition centers, service centers and sales network development to enhance the ability in technological research and development of Chinese enterprises, or improve their competitiveness in global market; To expand international market channels, obtain foreign advanced technologies or enhance the brand of Chinese enterprises through cross-border merger and acquisition. In one word, the financing can be used to cover fixed asset investment, working capital investment and financial cost during construction, and is used to support overseas investment projects, including equity investment, asset acquisition, plant construction and operation approved by domestic and foreign regulators or governments.

Business characteristics: One stop financing service to connect domestic and foreign market; industries covered: energy, mineral products, agriculture, forestry,   husbandry and fishing, merger and acquisition, the  privatization of listed companies, plant construction, capacity transfer and real estate development.

Business situation: Since 2010, we have financed more than 20 projects in overseas investment, with the total financing mount more than USD1.7 billion.