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Financing for Standing Orders

Scope of business: Long-term order financing is to provide financing to one involved party on the basis of long-term orders to enhance the performance ability and profit level of one party in the long-term order transaction. The long-term order must be authenticate and effective, and has never handle financing in other banks. The goods or services in the transaction under the long-term order has over six months’ records of goods supply, and in principle the long-term order has clearly defined on items including goods specification, quality articles, inspection articles, payment modes, dispute settlement methods.

Business characteristics: Structured trade financing with the long-term orders as the basis, the future commercial revenues as the source of repayment, and the fund closing as the secure measures. Attention to transaction, weaken corporate financial statements and pledge requirements. Assist enterprises obtain stable funds and enhance the performance ability. Offer commercial discount of large-amount purchase and enhance profit level.

Business situation:  From 2010 till now, it has supported 48 enterprises, and granted a loan of almost RMB 8 billion

Involved industry:  Mechanical processing, coal trade, petroleum equipment, local refineries, waste metal recovery, new energy, and etc.