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CMBC Won the "China Financial Excellence Awards 2014-2015"

On December 4, by the ceremony of "China Financial Excellence Awards 2014-2015" hosted by the Economic Observer was held in Beijing; CMBC won the awards of "Bank of Excellence Innovation & Strategy Innovation of the Year" and " Direct Bank of Excellence of the Year".

"China Financial Excellence Awards", a comprehensive appraisal activity for the banking, securities, funds, insurance and other financial sectors launched by the Economic Observer in 2012, aims to summarize the outstanding performance and excellent practices of outstanding financial enterprises in business philosophy, corporate governance, business model, financial innovation, business performance and other aspects, and promote China's financial sector to deepen reform and accelerate the transformation of development continuously.

According to the China Financial Excellence Awards presentation speech, "China Minsheng Bank is acknowledged as one of the most innovative banks. Since its establishment 20 years ago, China Minsheng Bank have launched a series of innovative exploration and practice, which causes great concern and follow-up in the industry and provide experience and reference for China's banking commercialization and market-oriented reforms. At present, China Minsheng Bank focuses on the comprehensive implementation of the Phoenix Plan, further promotes the strategic transformation and strives to achieve the strategic goals of comprehensiveness, professionalization and internationalization."

Minsheng Direct Bank, as the first direct bank in China, was formally launched on February 28, 2014; after one year of steady operation, its performances become far ahead. So far, its financial assets are nearly 33 billion CNY, its clients are more than 2.7 million, its balance financial product "Ruyibao" is of a total purchase amount over 780 billion CNY, which provides clients with a cumulative gain of over 2.2 billion CNY. This year, it innovatively launched the time deposit product brand "Dinghuobao" with secured loan services, which achieves both high yield and liquidity and continues to achieve new breakthroughs in the Internet financial services.  


 CMBC won the "Bank of Excellence Innovation & Strategy Innovation 2014-2015" award 

CMBC won the "Annual Excellence Direct Bank 2014-2015" award