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Award-winning Becomes a "New Normal", Minsheng Royal Fund Strives for Progress and Development

Innovation-driven Minsheng Royal Fund Wins "Golden Bull Award", Achieving the "Grand Slam"


At the beginning of 2016, Minsheng Royal Fund won 4 Golden Bull awards – as for the corporate awards, apart from winning the "Fixed-income Investment Golden Bull Fund Company Award" by continuing to maintain the advantage in the performance of bond funds, it also won the "Golden Bull Progress Award"; as for the individual awards, because of the outstanding performance of Minsheng Royal Fund Strategy Selection, it was granted the big award "Open-Hybrid Golden Bull Award Fund Award 2015"; besides, the manager of that fund also received the "Best Popularity Golden Bull Fund Manager Award 2015", realizing the grand slam, from the company to the product and then to the fund manager.

In fact, by virtue of outstanding performance, Minsheng Royal Fund has won recognition from the industry and investors and award-winning almost becomes the "new normal" for Minsheng Royal Fund in recent years. In 2015, Minsheng Royal Fund gained the "Bond Investment Golden Bull fuND Company Award 2014", "Reform Contribution Longding Award 2015", "Most Growable Company", "China Internet Financial Innovation Award" and "Award for China's Fund Company of Greatest Brand Growth Momentum 2015" granted by the major institutions of the industry. As for the products, Minsheng Royal Fund Enhanced Benefit Fund was awarded the "Five-year Bond Continued Winning Golden Bull Award Fund" and "Positive Bond Star Fund Award 2014" and Minsheng Royal Fund Strategy Selection received "Most Welcome Equity Products Award 2015" by eastmoney.com and many other awards.

The economic and social development in the "new normal" needs to continuously improve the ability to innovate and transform to the innovation-driven new structure. To achieve and maintain award-winning "new normal" in the fund industry, it is also inseparable from the enterprising spirit of innovation and pioneering exploration. Minsheng Royal Fund, as a young company committed to the path of "being an innovation fund company" in the nearly eight years since its establishment, rises rapidly in the industry.

Since taking office in 2011, Chairman Wan Qingyuan has leading the Company into an innovative growth path. Since 2011, the company size is improved year by year; at the end of 2014, the institutional innovation system was promoted, and the investment and research departments take the lead in adoption of division structure and virtual fund incentive system. Division structure is to provide fund managers with the private equity mechanism at the platform of publicly offered funds; the departments conduct independent operation and independent accounting, participate in sharing management fee income and assume sole responsibility for their own profits or losses. While the virtual fund incentive system not only links the fund managers' performance with their actual income and indirectly provides them with economic interests of "high leverage", thus greatly inspires their motivation and initiative.

Of course, the establishment of a new mechanism and development of a new model is not once and for all. Taking the division structure to be adopted gradually in the Company for example, Wan Qingyuan said they noticed at the beginning of decision-making that the management should realize the good points and shortcomings of the division structure - when attracting and retaining talents, it also increases interaction costs and is not conducive to build a unified research platform. However, in the process of finding and solving problems, Minsheng Royal Fund achieves a continuous upward spiral.

In addition, the Company, under the leadership of General Manager Wu Jianfei, has developed three strategies in the aspects of customer service, product and the Internet in 2015. The Company, striving to set out from the actual customer needs and actively establishes in-depth financial cooperation with banks, securities companies, mobile communications companies and the Internet financial product platforms, apply the Internet financial products to real life; also, it issues hedge products to reduce net value fluctuations at bull and bear market and adopts other good modes of gaining to serve its clients; since April 13, 2016, it launched a quantitative investment product (002449), the quantitative model of which is on the basis of the fund manager's research accumulation for 12 years and reaches a 10-year regression testing return rate of 2969%.

Awards and honorable titles are always reserved for those who are prepared; in the battlefield of wealth management, Minsheng Royal Fund takes the new strategy of "institutional innovation + service innovation" to get prepared for dealing with interest rate liberalization, asset securitization and internationalization of RMB, focuses on the future with strategies, consolidates the achievements with innovation, stabilizes paces with scientific management and promotes growth with incentives.