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CMBC and CNECC Enter into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On May 9, CMBC and CNECC (China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Corporation) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, making clear the business direction and fields of mutual strategic cooperation. Later, CMBC's Corporate Client Dept. will work closely with Beijing Administration Dept. and other departments to comprehensively promote and implement the contents of bilateral strategic cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win situation between the two parties.

CNECC is a state-owned enterprise managed by the central government, China's backbone enterprise of nuclear military industry, nuclear construction and nuclear energy utilization and the only corporation engaged in nuclear engineering and construction at home and abroad for 30 years without interruption.

Mr. Wang Shoujun, Chairman of CNECC, said that China's nuclear power industry is currently in a leading position in the international arena and the fourth-generation HTR independently developed by CNECC has outstanding technical advantages in the construction of nuclear island of nuclear power plants, which is of higher safety, operational efficiency and economical efficiency compared with nuclear power plants in the past. Mr. Wangshou Jun also said that China's nuclear power industry is facing a rare opportunity for development and CNECC hopes to strengthen cooperation with CMBC.


President Zheng Wanchun said that CMBC is willing to get involved in nuclear power plant construction projects of CNECC in the mode of indirect financing, direct equity investment, etc. President Zheng Wanchun suggested that the two parties can carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of new financing services, cash management and settlement business, bonds issuance business, equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking and retail high-end personal business. Meanwhile, he hopes the two parties set out from the commencement of the strategic cooperation agreement to carry out a comprehensive and close cooperation at a deeper level and in a broader scope. 


After the signing ceremony, President Zheng Wanchun, accompanied by Chairman Wang Shoujun, visited the fourth-generation HTR nuclear power unit model; Chairman Wang introduced the operation mode of the unit, the nuclear island safety & efficiency and industry-leading technical advantage to President in detail.

Shi Jie, President Assistant of CMBC, Ma Lin, General Manager of Beijing Administration Dept., Huang Shaohui, General Manager of Business Risk Management Dept., Zhao Zhimin, General Manager of Inter-bank Dept., Wu Yukai, General Manager of Corporate Client Dept. and Chenshu Tang, CNECC Chief Accountant, Niu Zhigang, CNECC Office Director, Gao Jinzhu, CNECC Planning Director, Jia Xiaochun, CNECC Finance and Asset Management Director, Yu Hongwei, General Manager of CNECC Finance Company, attended the event.