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China Minsheng Bank Rose 5 Positions in the Top 1000 World Banks Ranking, Top Among Best-Performing Chinese Banks

The Banker released its latest ranking of the Top 1000 World Banks on 1 July, 2020. China Minsheng Bank ranked 23rd in the world based on tier-1 capital, up 5 positions from 2019. Also released was the Best-Performing Banks ranking in China. China Minsheng Bank placed first among Chinese banks with the highest overall rating.

Founded in 1926, The Banker is the world’s renowned banking and financial information resource for financial decision-makers in the banking and corporate sectors under the Financial Times. It has been releasing the Top 1000 World Banks rankings every year since 1970, setting the industry benchmark for comprehensive strength of banks around the world. In 2020, China had 143 banks in the top 1000 ranking, with four banks topping the list for the third consecutive year.

Tier-1 capital is one of the key indicators to measure a bank’s capital adequacy, reflecting its risk maturity and business development capabilities. The ranking of the Top 1000 World Banks is made based on tier 1 capital as defined by the Basel Accord, and selects from more than 2,000 banks around the world based on their consolidated financial statements as at the end of the previous year. In recent years, China Minsheng Bank has continued to expand its tier 1 capital and increase its overall strength. Since 2017, it has been among the top 30 world banks for four consecutive years. According to The Banker, tier-one capital of China Minsheng Bank reached USD75,244 million in 2020, up by USD12,974 million, or 20.84% from 2019. In the ranking of Best-Performing Banks in China, China Minsheng Bank topped among Chinese banks in terms of growth and operational efficiency. Based on the results of comprehensive rankings on 8 special indicators, namely: growth, profitability, operational efficiency, asset quality, return-on-risk, liquidity, soundness and leverage level, it ranked first among Chinese banks with the highest score.

The continuous growth of tier 1 capital and rise in ranking positions demonstrates the increasing management capabilities and international competitiveness of China Minsheng Bank. Looking forward, China Minsheng Bank will adhere to serve the supply-side structural reform, keep carrying out reform and innovation, and practice overall transformation to organic development of high quality, high efficiency and high dynamics. Effectively improving capabilities in serving the real economy, China Minsheng Bank aims to develop into a benchmark bank with distinctive features, increasing values and continuous innovations, and become a time-honored bank that creates more values to customers and brings higher returns to investors.