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Traveler’s Promissory Notes

Traveler’s Promissory Notes are issued by non-bank financial institutions (collectively traveler's checks issuing organization) for the convenience of safely taking or paying travel expenses by international travelers during trip, which is a fixed denomination bills and widely used over the world. It is the excellent choice for persons going abroad to carry safely and cover daily expenses and tuition.

Securer than cash, it can be reissued all over the world without any fees once lost.
◆ Popular throughout the world, it can be exchanged into cash in the world's major banks, and exchanging branches; it can be used to pay directly in international hotels, restaurants, schools and other consuming sites without paying any fees.
◆ It does not have time limit,and is always valid. If you have balance after use, it still can be used next time when you exit.
Exchanging rate is better and more economical than cash.

Application and Approval Process
1.When you purchase it
◆ Fill Purchase Contract of traveler’s checks ;
◆ Sign in initial column on top left corner of traveler’s checks .
2.When you use it
Sign in countersign column on left bottom corner of traveler’s checks .
3.When you  transfer  it
Firstly sign in countersign column, then write transferee’s name in transferring column.

Service Charges
1.Charges of  purchas ing traveler’s checks are usually 1% of total amount.
2.Exchanging charges   are  0.75% of total amount.

1.Traveler’s checks and Purchase Contract should be kept separately.
2.Call service hotline of American Express immediately once you lost it.
10800 7440106 China Netcom    
10800 4400106 China Telecom
3.Get reissued traveler's checks at nearest location by Express authorization  and  don’t  need to  return to original purchasing bank.