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Private Banking Traveler

Well designed themes and travel routes, bring wonderful holidays and surprise journey to you and your family and friends. Polar aurora, rainforests  …  

immerged in the remote areas and bring you extraordinary experiences.

Ambitious Travelers
Talk to yourself and walk yourself;
Get to know another self, and another world as well;
Travel, makes life to stop and have a rest, also makes life to continue.

CMBC Private Banking Traveler, choose multiple routes across the planet, quietly waiting for you and your family with perfect services at different parts of the world.
* In 2013 Private Banking opens a new journey.
* Private Banking exclusively enjoys luxury cruise fantasy polar journey
* Walk into the purest, most original, most mysterious white continent, and feel this mysterious world of Antarctica at zero distance
* Touch natural wonders at the end of the world, and experience the exuberance of life in the wilderness full of ice and snow.
* Mysterious vast Alaska, thrilling adventures in South Africa, spectacular wonders of Kenya Serengeti …  

mysterious virgin lands are waiting for you to unveil them.

While the whole world is yearning for the north and south poles, CMBC Private Banking has carried us to complete the span from the  South Pole  to the  North Pole .
From the poles to the equator around the world are left our happy memories.
In 2013, we will not stop our happy steps, and we look forward to cover all fresh lands across the world with more friends.

In 2013 we start from here:
South Africa Safari: going deep into the hinterland of deserts and steppes, feel the wildness of the wilderness together with animal experts, make friends with the animals in Africa.
Kenya Serengeti: witness one of the most spectacular wonders in the world, immerge yourself into it, and feel the primitive passion together.
Trip to Alaska: experience wonderful landscape of Alaska, watch in close proximity how brown bears catch salmon, and see distant scenery before your eyes.
Antarctic Environmental Tour: Continue with our polar travel, directly feel the beauty and extreme purity at the top of the world.
Ultimate life, polar scenery, “Antarctic Environment Friendly”, “Arctic Environment Friendly”journeys completed successfully.