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Bank-customs Duty Payment Express

The business system provided by our bank is interconnected with the customs service system, China e-port system and the third-party payment system to enable the enterprises to pay tariffs to the customs online. The enterprises can log onto the third party payment platform and select our bank as the handling bank to complete payment of tariffs.
Tariffs that can be paid: import and export tariffs, anti-dumping tariffs, anti-subsidy tariffs; tariffs collected at the import section, delayed tariffs interests, deposits, late fees, late declaration fee, etc.

Product features:

Electronic payment, simple and easy to operate, without traveling efforts;
Tariff payment completed instantly, improve customs clearance efficiency;
Enable 24*7 payment, not restricted to the open hours of customs and banks;
Remote customs declaration as in the same city, which greatly enhanced business flexibility;
Generally it does not need to get the payment vouchers personally, saving time and efforts;
Simple and convenient application steps;
Overdraft is achievable through legal guarantees on tariffs or legal person account, to enable “release first, followed by levy”;
Fund transaction is safe and reliable;
One-time guarantee and financing agreement reduces the costs to open guarantee on tariff each time.