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Group Network

Corporate Online Bank of CMBC also called CMBC Group Network. Based on the new generation of integrated business system across China, it connects clients’ computers with the banks’ mainframe computer through Internet or other dedicated network to enable the clients to enjoy the safe, efficient and prompt financial service of CMBC.

System Functions

One Sight: convenient information inquiry function
Account Information Inquiry
Credited Loan Information Inquiry
Settle Fast: convenient transfer payment function
Transfer within bank
Transfer across banks
Issue bank drafts, bills of exchange
Pay salary and travel expense
Appointed transfer, facilitate enterprise to arrange time, no worry even if financial officer goes out
Foreign Exchange Settlement Business Wealth Management Toolkit: value-added comprehensive wealth management functions
Shifts between term deposits and current deposits
Informed deposit
Open fund
Financial Toolkit: flexible online credit functions
Credit loans granting
Credit loans payback
Good helper: powerful group service function
Group subsidiary (branch) account information inquiry
Group subsidiary (branch) credit loan information inquiry
Headquarter takes initiative to collect payment
Headquarter appropriates fund
Pay in the name of subsidiary
Pay by operating subsidiary account
Appropriate funds between subsidiaries
Appropriate funds upward by batches
Account accessible instantly, easier control of accounts
Offline document making, quick and convenient

System Advantage

System Security
Strict Internal Control
Efficient and Convenient
Convenient Appointment
Group Management
Comprehensive Functions
Personal Service

Process Application

1.Open settlement account with CMBC
2.Apply to the opening bank to open online banking account
3.Sign online banking service agreement with opening bank
4.Obtain corresponding software and hardware, digital certificate reference number, authorization code, and operator password etc
5.Complete system installation, certificate downloading with assistance from bank staff, and receive operational training
6.Log into the website of CMBC, using online banking service safely and conveniently.