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Settlement Express Lane

“Easy Settlement” Product

Product Definition

 “Easy Settlement” is a service portfolio provided to our RMB based organizational accounts including account management, collection and payment management, information management, capital appreciation, etc.

Services included in this product

Services included

Current charging standard

Previous charging standard

  1. Capital verification and account opening

Free within subscription period

200-500 RMB

  1. Open certificate of capital verification

200-500 RMB per copy

3.  Certificate of shareholder contribution amount


4.  Account opening

200-500 RMB

5.  Account management fee

RMB 50 /month/account, 10%-20% extra for long-term dormant accounts

6.  Electronic receipt cabinet

50 RMB for account opening, 240 RMB of annual fee

7.  Service charge for account messenger


8.  Reproduce receipt/statement

Charge based on time span, free within one month, 10 RMB per copy (less than 10 pages) from one month to one year, 20 RMB per copy (less than 10 pages) from one year to three years, 50 RMB per copy over three years (less than 10 pages) , 1 RMB per extra page; public security, procuratorate, court and other competent organizations will collect necessary costs in accordance with regulation documents from the People’s Bank of China.

9.  Annual Fee for Corporate Online Banking Query Edition

RMB 120 / year/ account

10.  Corporate Online Banking Query Edition


USBKey Cost

 100 RMB per piece, it is offered free of charge to VIP customers, and charging bare costs to common customers

Annual fee for online banking certificate

RMB 200 / year/ piece

Annual service fee for online banking

RMB 240 / year/ piece

11.  Electronic transfer for corporate online banking (including transfer to other banks within same city, same bank in other regions, other banks in other regions)

During the subscription period, it is offered free

1.  Executing according to 80% of the remittance standard of PBOC (handling fee O.5 RMB; RMB 5 per transfer for electronic remittance under 10,000 RMB (include), RMB 10 per transfer for electronic remittance from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan (include), RMB 15 per transfer for electronic remittance from 100,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan (include), RMB 20 per transfer for 500,000 yuan to 1 million yuan (include), and 0.02% for amount over 1 million yuan, no more than 200 RMB.)

2.  Free for transfer no more than 50,000 yuan for interconnected online banking.

12.  Payroll service

 1.  For Item 13,14,15: Customer needs to sign separate agreement with our bank to enjoy our exclusive services, discounts available according to our then valid provisions;

RMB 1 / payroll over the counter, free online transfer

13.  Batch collection and payment

2.  Free for other items within subscription period

RMB 1-2 per payroll

14.  Interbank fund collection


Temporary free of charge for interbank fund collection online, charge for each transaction if using Easy Interbank

15.  Spending over POS


Execute according to industry-wide rate

16.  Virtual Account


Temporarily free of charge

17.  Corporate credit service



Savings Certificate


RMB 100-300 per copy

Loans Certificate


0.1% of amount, at least 100 copy per copy, at most 300 yuan per copy

Credit Certificate


RMB 800 per copy

Query, certificate or letter


RMB 200-500 per copy




Batch collection and payment products include

Real-name transfer:

Bank card POS system managed by real-name payment terminal.
Product features: charges lowered to 30%

Logistic COD-MS:

The integrated payment management console customized for the COD business of the logistic accounts. It integrates online fund management and off-line POS collection, providing a full-service chain payment solution including order tracking, electronic payment, fund management etc.
Features of product: Reduce cash risks, accelerate payback, and improve service and business scale.


This is the integration of corporate management information system and POS enables all functionality of small POS machines which are widely in use, with single functionality, used only for collecting from bank cards. It can replace POS machines to handle various bank card payment requests from customers.

Collection + Liquidation:

Enable the liquidation process from third party payment company to market management party or headquarters of chain stores, and then further liquidate to terminal businesses or credit under the stores.
Product feature: Easy payment arrival within T+1 day.

E payment:

Multi-bank payment interface available to any online businesses.
Product features: one-stop services for businesses; providing functions of transaction management, goods return, settlement, permission etc; The businesses can customize payment products in accordance with contract; the system complies with the security requirements of financial level.
The valid period of this package announced on our website or corporate online banking announcement shall prevail.

Subscription Channel

You can subscribe at the counters of our branches or through corporate online banking.

What we can also offer:

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Please consult the branches of CMBC for more details about our products
Customer service hotline: 400-68-95568
Website: www.cmbc.com.cn