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Call Deposit

Business introduction


A call deposit denominated in RMB refers that the customer does not specify the time period of deposit at the time of placement, but must notify CMBC of the proposed withdrawal data and amount prior to the withdrawal. The call deposit is applicable to enterprises with huge amounts of idle cashes within short period of time.


Business process


1. Apply to open an account


All enterprises, institutions, organs, groups or other organizations in China meeting the conditions of account opening can take the check for transfer or cash to CMBC to transact the call deposit business and apply to open the call deposit account denominated in RMB.

2.Make deposits and select the types of deposit


Make deposits after CMBC approves on the account opening, and the deposit must be made once for all. As for a call deposit, what available are a one-day call deposit or a seven-day call deposit.

3.Issue bank certificate of deposit.


CMBC, after reviewing it free of errors and keeping the deposit properly, will fill in and issue a bank certificate of deposit.