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Corporate Mobile Banking

Minsheng Mobile Banking is a mobile finance service platform  exclusive  to corporate customers. It is developed based on the requirements of enterprise on financial management and to conform to new MinSheng Corporate E-bank Mobile Banking, including Minsheng Accounts, Account of Other Banks, Task Center, Mobile Reconciliation and many other corporate financial services.  And also it provides the public services including queuing number, financial assistant, Minsheng Info,  Minsheng customer service  and so on to make corporate customers  convenient  to conduct accountant  inquiry  of CMBC and other banks, authorize and approve corporate business, make  reconciliation  of  enterprise  and bank, verify  electronic voucher and more operations; and to help enterprises improve operation  efficiency  and reduce the cost to achieve mobile financial office  of “open   space   docking” .


Financial Services Function

Task Center: Task center aims to help Corporate operators to set up a concentrated task processing center by which they can fast get the information alert about the tasks required and finished as well as important deals. Authorizer can process the authorized operation of related deals and inquire certificate details through this function.
Minsheng Accounts: By means of this function, customers can inquire their accounts of Minsheng Bank including current account, term savings, balance and details of margin deposit for security; and at the same time, inquire loan, financial management, fund and scores.
Accounts of Other Banks: Customers can make some operations of the account authorized for our bank including the inquiry of balance, details and dealing results, which is convenient for customers to master all condition of their funds timely.
Mobile Reconciliation: This function can achieve monthly and annual balance reconciliation of company account, and improve the efficiency of working and reconciliation.
Voucher Validation: Payee can verify the receipt from payer by scanning the dimensional code or inputting verification code, and just download the client-end of mobile banking to achieve it without signing mobile banking.   


Public  Services  Function

Branch Queuing: Through the function of “branch & queuing, you can inquire the details about the nearby or appointed CMBC branch and the condition of queuing in branch, and get your queuing number online to save you time for queuing.
Minsheng Info: With the function of “Minsheng Info”, you can inquire the public notice of Minsheng Bank, funding supermarket, financial supermarket, privileges information and new product introduction at any time and place, and timely master bank trends and excellent financial service of Minsheng Bank.
Financial assistant: By the function of “Financial assistant”, you can conveniently inquire the interest rates of saving and loans,  charging standard and net value of funds.
Minsheng Customer Service: Throughout the function of “Minsheng Customer Service”, you can inquire 24-hr Hotline of our bank, special telephone line of corporate service, special telephone line of credit card services and official website. It is convenient for you to directly dial or access our website for inquiry.