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Download Guide Instruction

IPhone Mobile Customer: 

Method: Mobile Download 

Access the APP Store, search for‘China Minsheng Bank Creditcard APP Service’and start downloading the APP.

Android Mobile Customer: 

Method: Mobile Download and Installation 

Method 1:Through the application market that comes with various mobile phones,

search for ‘China Minsheng Bank Creditcard APP Service’,and start downloading the APP. 

Method 2: Through the Android mobile phone browser, visit this URL: https://rs.creditcard.cmbc.com.cn/mbank/page/recommendDownload/download.html 

Click to download the China Minsheng Bank Creditcard APP Service.

After the downloading is completed, your phone will pop up a window to open the APP. Click to open to complete the installation. Or find the installation package file through the file management program of your mobile phone, and then click to install. 

Method 3: Use the mobile phone to scan the QR code below to download the ‘China Minsheng Bank Creditcard APP Service’.

Kind reminder: 

The above methods to download this APP are completely free. The mobile internet data fees generated by downloading and using the APP are charged by the carrier.It is recommended that you activate a monthly mobile internet service package during use.

The China Minsheng Bank Creditcard APP Service has been released in the mobile app stores/markets. Customers are welcome to download and use it.

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