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Introduction of Micro Loan

Product Definition:
Operating micro loan business is the credit extension business of CMBC that issues loans no more than RMB 500,000 to qualified small and micro merchants.
Product Advantages:
1.No collateral required, and no guarantee required;
2.Loan amount up to RMB 500,000;
3.Credit period up to three years.
Loan Conditions:
1.Chinese mainland citizens with full capacity for civil conduct, 18 years of age and above, and not older than 60 when the credit period expires;
2.Operating a business entity that is established and maintains stable operation for more than 2 years, having more than 3 years of industry experience;
3.Having a good credit record, and meeting the access requirements of CMBC;
4.The enterprise under the name of the borrower having no adverse social records, no records of violating laws and regulations at the judicial department and business administration and law enforcement department;
5.Having corresponding asset strength and repayment ability;
6.Opening a settlement account with CMBC, and willing to have CMBC as the major clearing bank;
7.Other conditions required by CMBC.
Information for Handling:
1.ID card, household register, marriage certificate of the borrower and spouse;
2.Business license, or other information which may be evidence of contractual management or actual control;
3.Statement of account of the company or the personal account of recent 6 years;
4.Local property ownership certificate, housing purchase contract, lease agreement, one of the three;
5.Credit certification materials;
6.Other information required by CMBC.