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Minsheng Shang Lian Tong - Join Hands to Win Together and Connect the Future

  •   In the “Internet +” background, core enterprises with forward-thinking and strategic vision have paid more and more attention to the development of upstream and downstream suppliers and distributors, from the simple chain development to topological development, and binding, supporting, win-win cooperation and collaboration have become important competitive elements for them. At the same time, the development of Internet and Internet of Things have accelerated the industry chain flattening process, and financial support has become the most powerful grip and integration tie. Through the industrial chain integration, the sales scale of core enterprises can be better expanded, to increase the market share and competitiveness. CMBC Shang Lian Tong is born at the right moment just in this context.

    What is Shang Lian Tong?
    Minsheng Shang Lian Tong - the supply chain finance for small and micro enterprises, is a personalized or standardized financial service product provided by CMBC for small and micro enterprise customers of upstream suppliers and downstream distributors relying on core enterprises, and is a service model that provides integrated financial solutions and builds credit system by the use of information flow, capital flow, logistics and other transaction data to prevent the risks of credit transactions.

    Features of Shang Lian Tong

    1.Rich varieties of guarantee
    Different from traditional credit products, supply chain financial products include E pledge loans, micro loans and Wang Le Dai based on Internet in addition to traditional products such as goods title pledge credit, support online and offline application and meet the diverse needs of customers.

    2.Fast and efficient handling
    Through the system docking of core enterprise with our bank, small and micro enterprise customers among upstream suppliers and downstream distributors can have loan application, use of funds, and repayment online in the original system of the core enterprise, which is fast and efficient.

    3.Better comprehensive benefits
    Minsheng Shang Lian Tong can support the core enterprise to expand sales, increase market share and expand sales channels, attract new distributors, so as to help the core enterprise to harmonize the supply-demand relation and reflect the positive effect of taking social responsibility.

    Application Procedures

    1.You can consult and handle relevant business through CMBC branch outlets.
    2.Loan process
    Loan application → loan investigation → loan review and approval → loan contract signing → loan release.
    (Refer to the foldout for the flowchart of this part)

    List of Information

    1.Personal information: ID card, household register, marriage certificate, proof of assets, etc.;
    2.Information of fund-using enterprise: business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, articles of association, recent statement of account (personal statement of account), main trading contracts, financial statements, etc.;
    3.Information of loan purpose.

    Warm Prompt

    1.The credit customer shall be in the list of core enterprises determined by CMBC;
    2.The loan shall not be used for equity investment, securities market investment and the operations or purposes expressly prohibited by the state laws and regulations.