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Corporate Card

Corporate card is a special UnionPay card facing SMEs. Besides all the financial services of common UnionPay cards. It has additional services such as “corporate club”, as one of our “commercial loan solution”special service products.
1. One-stop card opening, thoughtful and convenient
Corporate card not only has exclusive card face, you can open account information updates, Money Produces Money B, personnel online banking., self service hypothecated loan, etc. as much as eight bank financial products when opening an account, which covers convenient financial, investing and financing, loan financing and other one-stop thoughtful bank services.
2. Corporate club, multiple increments
Corporate card owners will be CMBC corporate club members, who can enjoy multiple value-added services including CMBC corporate economic development forum, points for interest rates, exclusive extraordinary: points for gifts and other club activities to help company development.
3. Partner account, develop hand in hand
We propose the “Partner Development Plan”for corporate card owners, by which you can incorporate daily transaction partners’accounts to realize a 50% discount of handling charges of remitting to these accounts.

Service Charges

1.Using corporate card to handle businesses at our counter or happy cashing, you will enjoy the silver-card standard preferential charging.
2.Using corporate card to remit to your partners’accounts, you will enjoy a 50% discount of handling charges for common cards.
3.The corporate co-branded cards of each area will enjoy privileges such as ATM city-wide inter-bank withdrawal.Please refer to card issuing branches for details;
4.Other charging standards conform to those of CMBC common UnionPay cards.

Application and Approval Process

1.Corporate card opening for common applicants
● Common applicants include: corporate legal representative, individual business owner in person, corporate natural person shareholder, corporate financial administration personnel, actual controller of operation, operational manager and other relevant corporate personnel approved by the company.
● For a corporate legal representative or an individual business owner in person who applies for a corporate card, he/she shall fill in the  Application Form for Corporate Card  and provide original valid ID certificate and at least one of the following certificates which can prove his/her business activities, including original enterprise business license, original individual license, payment certificate from the administrative bureau for industry and commerce, tax certificate from the tax bureau and business (office) residence certificate etc.;
● Other common applicants shall provide the authorization of the company or unit besides the above documents.

2.Corporate card opening for particular applicants
● Particular applicants include: An applicant who has been in fact engaged in operational activities in the name of himself without industry and commerce registration;
● A particular applicant can simultaneously apply for corporate card after the confirmation of the sales manager of the branch where he/she submitted his/her corporate loan application documents;
● When apply ing  for corporate card at our counter, you shall provide original valid ID certificate and fill in the  Application Form for Corporate Card , and you can open a corporate card upon the approval of the authorized personnel of our branch.

Service Paths

You can apply for Corporate Card at any one of our branches. After successful application, you can use it at any one of our branch, internet banking, self-service banking, mobile banking and specially engaged unit as well as any global acceptance point of China UnionPay.   Co-branded card can also be used at certain specially engaged units or areas according to the agreements with the cooperative units and  have  corresponding privileges.


Customer service hotline of CMBC will listen for your requirements at any time: 95568