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Le Shou Yin

Le Shou Yin is a new payment and settlement product customized for wholesale trade SMEs, which supports the payment and settlement by personal debit card and corporate settlement account. It integrates the advantages of traditional POS and the third party telephone payment terminal products, and rolls functions of receiving, transferring and paying money and inquiring account by swiping card into one, which can effectively enhance the settlement efficiency and reduce the settlement cost.

1.Le Shou Yin can realize the real-time receiving money and money to account, which can be used at any time, so it can improve the cash utilization efficiency.
2.There is a ceiling for wholesale merchants . I f your customer swipes the CMBC cards to make a payment, you can enjoy the privilege of free handling charges.
3.You can transfer and pay money indoors, so it can save your time and charge you with less handling charges.
4.If you own multiple storefronts, Le Shou Yin can concentrate all money to your designated personal settlement account in real time, and help you make unified cash planning for multiple storefronts.

Service Charges
1.The merchant payment and commission is negotiated by you and our bank;
2.Merchant Payment
● Intra-bank remittance: Free for intra-city remittance, and 2 Yuan for each inter-city transaction;
● Ordinary inter-bank remittance: 1‰ of transaction amount, 2 Yuan at least and 35 Yuan at most;
● Quick  inter-bank remittance: 1‰ of transaction amount, 5 Yuan at least and 50 Yuan at most;
● Int ra -bank remittance: Free for VIP card; inter-bank remittance: free for silver card and gold card for a sum of below 0.5 million Yuan (included) and 1 million Yuan (included) respectively, and that for the excess part shall be charged in accordance with ordinary card standards, free for diamond cards. Corporate Card (including Corporate Co-branded Card) enjoys the preferential standards of silver card.

Application and Approval Process
1.You need to prepare relevant application data and read the “CMBC Le Shou Yin Service Function Description and Agreement Terms” carefully, and then fill out the  Application Form of CMBC Le Shou Yin Service  and  Information Form of CMBC Signed Customers .
2.After we receive your application data and application form, we will carefully examine your qualification for merchants.
3.After approval, we will visit you and help you install the Le Shou Yin tool.
4.Flow chart:

Service Paths
Counter, Le Shou Yin terminal, Online bank VIP Edition, etc.

Customer service hotline of CMBC will listen for your requirements at any time: 95568