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Bank Drafts

Bank Drafts are issued by the drawer bank, and are bills that the payee or bearer shall be paid based on the actual settlement amount upon demand.

1.Flexible and convenient, safe and quick
2.Nationwide branches to honor a check, and quick fund settlement
3.Equal transaction
4.High credit standing, safe and reliable

Application and Approval Process
1.Application for the signing and issuance of Bank Drafts:
You need to carry the CMBC debit card, current deposit book or cash or valid identity card with the function of settlement (cash or transaction amount of above 50, 000 Yuan (included), fill out the application form Banker’s Promissory Notes/Bank Drafts, and handle the signing and issuance formalities in our branch; if you need to apply for cash bank drafts, you have to deposit cash over the counter.
2.The loss of Bank Drafts:
You need to fill out the application form of reporting the loss of Bank Drafts, signed instructions on lost bank drafts, and invalid identity card, and submit them to the Bank counter to handle formalities for lost bank drafts, and then come to the local court in the place where your bank drafts are lost to apply for service by publication.

Service Charges
1.Handling charges for Bank Drafts:
1 Yuan/time; cost of production: 0.28 Yuan/per bank draft; postage: ordinary: 0.5 Yuan/time. Express mail: 2.5 Yuan/time, which are handled by electronic transfer system, and charged in accordance with electronic transfer charging standards. Personal Bank Drafts without open bank account shall be charged with 1%, 1 Yuan at least and 50 Yuan at most, regardless of intra-city or inter-city.
2.The loss of Bank Drafts:
It shall be charged with 1‰ of face amount, 5 Yuan at least. Stop payment instruction applicant shall pay additional postage or telegraphic charge.

1.The prompt credit period of Bank Drafts is one month as of the date of draft.
2.The amount, the date of Bank Drafts or issuance, and the payee’s name cannot be changed.
3.If the bearer misses and loses Bank Drafts, he shall come to bank and handle relevant formalities to report loss, and come to the local court to handle the service by publication for the right of bank draft bill to maintain your own right and avoid fund loss due to falsely claim.