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Banker’s Checks

A check is an instrument issued and signed by the drawer authorizing any bank or any other financial institutions whose scope of business involves depositing checks to unconditionally pay a certain sum of money to the payee or bearer at sight.

1.Safe carrying and controllable risks
2.Efficient settlement

Application and Approval Process
1.Checks  purchase
You can take the your personal current settlement account opened in our bank, effective identity documents and transaction passwords to our service branches and handle the formalities of personal checks to buy personal checks.
2.Report the loss of checks
You need to fill out the application form of reporting the loss of Banker’s checks, signed instructions on lost Banker’s checks, and other invalid identity documents and submit them to the Bank counter to handle formalities for lost Banker’s checks, and then come to the local court in the place where your Banker’s checks are lost to apply for service by publication; you can come to the Bank to report the loss of the issued cash checks.

Service Charges
Handling charges: 0.6 0  Yuan /time, cost of production: 0.20 Yuan/time, handling charges of sorter checks: 1.00 Yuan/time. The charges for reporting the loss of Banker’s checks shall be 1‰ of face amount, and 5 Yuan will be charged if less than 5 Yuan.

1.The amount, the date of Banker’s Checks or issuance, and the payee’s name cannot be changed.
2.The amount of Banker’s checks signed by the drawer cannot exceed the amount deposited in the payer. It is forbidden to sign dishonored checks.
3.The prompt payment period of checks is 10 days as of the date of issue.
4.After the customer signs the Banker’s Checks, he should retain the counterfoil for keeping accounts and promptly check the account with our bank.
5.To effectively enhance the safety of settlement by Banker’s Checks, the Electronic Password Payment System  is suggested .
6.Generally, you need to make an appointment in case of large-sum cash withdrawal of above 50, 000 Yuan.
7.Our bank does  not  accept the service of reporting the loss of the issued Banker’s Checks for transfer (including the cash checks for transfer)
8.Our bank doesn’t accept the service of reporting the loss of dishonored checks and incomplete checks.