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Payment and Collection Agent Card

Payment and Collection Agent business means bank take the advantage of convenient settlement of itself, accept your appointment to pay or collect designated funds based on comprehensive service platform. Payment and Collection Agent business have the business scenario function of signing, amending, canceling a contract, payment at real time, prepayment, payment cancellation, inquiry, signing for batch deduction, and bath file processing, etc.

1.Diversified payment types
33 branches have more than one hundred payment and collection agent products, so we can and provide you with systematic and comprehensive payment services. At present, our payment and collection agent service system is still being enriched and completed.
2.Product services with more regional characteristics
Payment and collection agent products with regional characteristics can fully satisfy your service demand in different regions.
3.Various service types
You can make a payment without signing contract, and pay relevant expenses directly through our transaction paths; or you can enjoy the customized automatic batch-deduction service indoors in an easy and quick manner through signing contract over counter.
4.Broad coverage of transactional paths
Our bank supports service counter, self-service bank, online banking, telephone bank, Mobile Banking and other cooperation companies to make a payment.

Service Charges
Free temporarily

Application and Approval Process
1.Self-service payment
After receiving the relevant notice of payment, you must pay the required amount to the payee’s deposit bank through service counter, self-service bank, telephone bank, Mobile Banking before the designated date.
2.Batch deduction of money
You can sign the charging agent agreement with our bank over the counter, and entrust our bank system to automatically deduct the amount payable according to the amount of the customer number signing the deduct agent service within each payment cycle in accordance with the agreement.
3.Batch payment
You can sign the payment agent agreement with out bank over the counter, and entrust our bank system to automatically remit expenses receivable to your account in accordance with the agreement.

Service Paths
Any one of our branches

1.After you sign the agreement on payment and collection agent services, our bank will deduct (remit) money in accordance with the agreed subscription information. When your debit card is lost or cannot be used, the transaction will not fail because of card loss or reissue. And as long as the signing relationship is effective, the customized deduction of money (remittance) is able to be conducted.
2.If the collection and payment agent services and signing services can be handled in a CMBC branch in other places as long as above services are available in this branch without inter-bank transaction handling charges.
3.Customer service hotline of CMBC will listen for your requirements at any time: 95568