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Salary and Welfare Agent Card

Salary Agent is a financial intermediary business in which our bank work as the agent of employers such as organs, enterprises, and institutions, etc. to pay salaries to staffs. Units concerned sign salary agent contract with our bank, transfer relevant fund from basic settlement account to salary agent special account of our bank and offer salary schedule to us, our bank would timely transfer money to designated saving account.

1.Free of the trouble to withdraw cash every month
2.Bank work as salary agent, saving both time and labor
3.Batch entry of funds, safe and quick
4.Inquiry of salary agency records, be clear at a glance

Application and Approval Process
1.Agent branches should sign payment agent agreement with payer ahead of time, and offer uniform disk formatted documents for payment schedule to payers.
2.Payers should offer payment schedule with official seal of their units (disk formatted documents with same content can be attached) regularly according to the agreement as well as check or other transferable voucher.
3.Our bank timely transfer money to designated saving account. Payment and Collection Agent Salary and Welfare agent

Service Charges
Free for same city; 2 Yuan/time for different cities

1.Please properly keep enterprise certificate and password for internet salary agency.
2.The amount should be the same with amount on salary agent document, and transaction number should also comply with that in salary agent document.
3.Payee can only be personal who owns an account in our bank. Cards and Saving Book can either be in the same city or different cities.
4.The amount should be paid on self service within the limit set while signing agreement.