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Debit Cards

Notice for Use

Debit Card - an easily accessible financing assistant
CMBC UnionPay Debit Card serves as a financial instrument of payment and settlement for saving deposit, consumption, transfer and bill collection.

1. Application
If one wants to get the card immediately without his name printed, first, the application form shall be filled for the transaction along with the ID card, then input his transaction password and password for query(twice for each one).If one wants his name printed on the card, the application form shall also be filled for the transaction along with the ID card, and then get a certification of taking card, by which he can get his card three to five working days later and make deposit.
Characteristics: no guarantee, no caution money, the main card without opening charge and annual charge.

2. Deposit
Customers make deposit in our local branch offices with cash and ID, then sign on the deposit receipt to confirm the card number, type of currency and the amount. If he happens to forget to take the card, he can deposit according to his card number. CMBC ATMs can offer the self-service deposit.

3. Withdrawal
Customers can make withdrawal in our local branch offices by handing in his card, and then type the transaction password, so he can withdraw after his password is verified with signing in the withdrawal receipt to confirm the card number, type of currency and amount. Moreover, he can make withdrawal at the ATM.

4. Inquiry
Customers can inquire the balance of the settlement account via ATM, and inquire the balance and the transaction details in customer service system (95568), self-inquiring terminal system and online banking system.

5. Loss claim
If customers have lost their card, he can firstly give oral report through customer service system (95568) or online banking system. Then he can come to the nearest local branch office to officially report the lost. The bank can withdraw the report of loss or issue a new card depends on customers’ requests. 

6. Card-changing
If the CMBC Bank Union Debit Card is physically damaged or the VIP card is out of valid, or others causes to unable to use the card, customer can come to the bank which originally issued this card to change a new one. It is required to fill in the sheet of special business and hand in the old card and his valid ID card.

7. Passcode
(1) Usage of the passcode In order to keep the safety of money, there are two passcodes: transaction passcode and inquiring passcode. The former is used for deposit or withdrawal at the bank, or in ATM or banding machines, inquiring terminals and POS while the latter is used when customer logs in the online banking or operates in the customer service system 95568. The two passwords should be different in order to strengthen the security.
(2) Report of passcode loss
If the passcode is lost, customer shall report the loss in the branch offices located in the same city with the bank.
(3) Amendment of passcode
The transaction passcode can be changed at any branch office of our bank, ATM, ADM, inquiring terminal and online bank system. Moreover, the inquiring passcode can be changed in service department, inquiring terminal and online banking and 95568 telephone services.

8. Cancellation
Customer can come to the bank which originally issued this card to cancel the card with filling the sheet of “Special Business”, valid ID and CMBC UnionPay Debit Card is needed.