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Personal Housing Mortgage Loan

New Housing Purchase Mortgage Loan

1.Long period and high credit line;
2.Flexible repayment methods and more choices;
3.Diverse repayment channels, fast and convenient.
4.A number of distinguished value-added services.

Basic Conditions of Borrower
1.Natural person aged 18 and above;
2.Has a proper occupation and steady income sources;
3.Qualified to buy the property;
4.The borrower and spouse have a good credit record;
5.Has entered into the property purchase agreement or purchase order and paid the down payment.

Application and Approval Processes
1.You may go to any outlet of Minsheng Bank for application.
2.Loan process
Loan application → Lending investigation → Relevant information collecting → Loan approval and contract signing → Collateral / pledge registration formalities handling → Loan granting.

Materials to Be Provided
1.Certificate of identity and marital status of the borrower and spouse;
2.Proof of income and assets;
3.Proof of down payment;
4.Property purchase contract;
5.Proof of collateral / pledge entitlement;
6.Materials of guarantee agency and guarantor;
7.Additional materials to be provided as required by the Bank.

1.This page is for reference only; the specific business process standards are subject to the provisions at the local outlets;
2.For any services, please call 95568, the 24-hour customer service hotline of Minsheng Bank.