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Deposit Certificates

Deposit certificate is one of the traditional certificates of saving business within the Bank. The deposit certificate of our bank is used to handle the business of lump-sum time deposit, consolidated time and savings and notice deposit,which is divided into common deposit certificate and etiquette deposit certificate.

1.Funds in account are clear at a glance
You need not call the Bank to check the balance additionally because the funds in account are explicit in deposit certificate and clear at a glance.
2.In addition to password,the deposit certificate also can support other payment modes such as by signature card, certificate and bankbook.
3.Etiquette deposit certificate attaches a moral of auspicious omen with characteristic design of face value, exquisite style, jubilant and auspicious meaning, which is suitable for leaving open by

you or sending to others after matched with the envelopes of “Congratulations for New Spring”, “Happy Birthday”, “Good Luck”, etc.
4.Transfer from deposit certificate to card is flexible and convenient
Our bank will provide the service of transfer from deposit certificate to debit card to the customers holding deposit certificates, so you can obtain more convenient paths of transactions with bank cards.

Application and Approval Process

1.You can go to the branch to handle the business of opening account with deposit certificate holding the valid ID card.
2.When handling the business of notice deposits with personal deposit certificate, it shall comply with the regulations that the sum is starting from 50,000 Yuan.

Service Paths
Any branch of our bank

1.The deposit certificate whose term of payment is password can handle universal cash saving and withdrawing nationwide;the deposit certificate whose term of payment is not password can only handle business within the branch of opening account.
2.If you need to handle the business of pledge of deposit,it shall transfer the deposit certificate to card.
3.If the effective information in deposit certificate is beyond recognition due to damage, you need report the loss and apply for a new card.
4.Customer service hotline of CMBC will listen for your requirements at any time: 95568