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Savings and Deposits

Our bank can handle fixed and current saving account business of Renminbi and various foreign currencies for customers.

1.Multi-currency support
Besides Renminbi,it also supports USD,Yen,HKD,GBP,Euro,CAD,AUD and other foreign currencies.
2.Various saving types
It supports current deposit,lump-sum time deposit;fixed deposit by installments,notice deposit,flexible time deposits,etc.
3.Various certificates
It supports Minsheng debit card, all-in-one current passbook, all-in-one fixed passbook; savings deposit book and deposit certificates,and other various certificates.
4.Multi-path support
It supports branch, online banking, mobile banking and other paths for business handling.
5.Free deposits and withdrawals with interests
We will keep confidential the information of customers,allowing for voluntary deposits,free withdrawals and interest-bearing deposits.

Service Charges
There is no need to pay any fees when opening an account for saving deposits.
Application and Approval Process
1.The customers with newly-opened cards and bankbooks shall go to the branch to handle business with valid ID card by filling in Application Form for Minsheng Union Pay Debit Card or other application forms for other relevant business.
2.The customers having cards and bankbooks shall go to the branch to open the account required by saving stype with valid ID card.
3.If customers with cards and bankbooks need to open an account,as this involves no cash transaction,besides going to any of our branches, we recommend online banking and other self-service paths.

Service Paths
Any branch of CMBC,online banking,Tel banking,etc
1.If the business is handled by others,the agent shall hold the valid ID cards of himself and depositor
2.Customer service hotline of CMBC will listen for your requirements at any time: 95568
3.Website of CMBC: www.cmbc.com.cn