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Rules for Prevention of Card Swallowing at ATM

1. If the customer has forgotten the bank card number and entered the wrong password for more than 3 times, the card will be swallowed by the ATM.

2. When the ATM has experienced a failure or the cash in the ATM is used up;

3. The card is no longer magnetic. The customer has inserted it in the ATM unknowingly. When the customer inserts it into the ATM forcibly, it is swallowed by the ATM.

4. After cash withdrawal, the customer has forgotten to take the card which lead to automatic swallowing of the card by the ATM.

5. After the customer has pressed the card withdrawal button, he forgets to take out the card, leading to automatic swallowing by the ATM.

6. When the fund of the bank account is not sufficient, forced operation lead to card swallowing.


What should you do after card swallowing?

(1) On the next day after card swallowing, you should take your valid papers and printed ATM statements with you to claim your card at the bank where the ATM belongs to. You can not entrust such task to others. It is hoped that you do this as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble.

(2) If you are abroad, please file a complaint to the ATM bank or to MasterCard or other international organizations.

(3) You can also call our hotline 24/7 for help.