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Bank Card Security Card Tips

Tips on Card Use

1. Please do not put your card and ID card at the same place to avoid simultaneous loss, leading to difficulties in card loss registration and reissuance.

2. When using the card at the counter, business or ATM, please pay attention to the surrounding when entering the password to avoid leakage. If you find many people around you, please do not let other see your operation. If others are using mobile phones or devices with recording functions please be extremely aware. If necessary, please remind the person around you to step back for one meter and wait.

3. Please keep your card properly and avoid theft of your card.

4. Please do not trust any person who requests you to verify the balance or use the card for fraudulent purposes.

5. Please do not use your card at the devices designated by others. This is to prevent others from stealing your information and password.

6. If you have noticed any suspicious SMS notice, please call 95568 for confirmation.

7. Do not trust anyone who requests to make money transfer easily to avoid monetary loss.

8.When using the card, please keep your eyesight on it to avoid theft or wrong usage.

9. Before signing, please confirm on the card number ad consumption amount for double checking purpose. Please do not sign on blank bills or bills with no specified amounts. After signing, please make sure that the card returned by the business owners is your own card.

10. If the transaction is cancelled due to consumption error or other reason, please get the canceled shopping statement when the business owner is canceling the transaction.

11. After concluding the transaction, please keep the bank statements for checking with the bank.

12. If the bank card is swallowed by the machine or there has been a change in the balance, please call 95568 for help or go to our point of business. Do not trust false information or dubious calls. Do not offer your card number and password to others without confirmation to avoid being cheated.

13. Please avoid using the public phone or phones with number display functions for conducting telephone bank operations.

14. Please avoid conducting online bank operations in public places such as internet café, hotel or entertainment places.

15. Please keep the transaction passwords of the online bank, telephone bank and mobile bank properly. Do not lend your card or give it to others. In case of a possible password leakage, please change the password immediately.

16. Please keep the CA certificate properly and do not store it in public online bank terminals. If you have to change the online bank terminal on a computer, please export the CA certificate and delete the CA certificate in the previous computer.

17. Please keep your cell phone properly for the telephone bank service. Do not lend, lease, transfer or commission it to others.


Notices on ATM Cash Withdrawal

1. No password is required for the self-service bank door access system;

2. If you have found that the deduction has been made but no cash has come out, please contact the nearby CMBC branch or call 95568 for help.

3. When using the ATM devices, if the card has been swallowed, please contact the nearby CMBC branch or call 95568 for help. You can take your valid ID papers to the branch where the ATM belongs to within the given time. If you have an agent, you should provide letter of authority and valid ID papers. If no timely claim has been made, the card will be dealt with by the bank according to its rules. Then you have to re-apply for a new card at the issuing branch of CMBC.

4. When conducting operations on ATM, please check if all conditions are properly met for the card and the machine and if the color of the machine is consistent with its surrounding structure. You should report to the bank if you have any suspicion.


Bank Card Loss & Theft

1. If your bank card has been lost or stolen, please contact CMBC immediately or call 95568 for help or declare loss on the online bank. You should also go to the issuing for all the procedures related to loss registration and new card issuance. Otherwise, oral loss claim becomes invalid and all the losses shall be borne by the cardholder.

2. The loss registration procedures become effective after performance. The cardholders can not be held liable for the monetary losses due to the wrongful use of the card within the valid loss registration period unless otherwise provided by the law. The timing and amount shall be the same to the records in the bank system.

3. Seven days after the written notice, the cardholder shall take valid ID papers and related evidence papers for registering loss of card for new card or cancellation of the old card.


Password Setting Tips & Loss Responsibility

1. The password is the key for the bank cards. To ensure safety of your password, it is advised that you should not use your birthday, phone number, door number or other similar items for your password such as "111111” or “999999”.

2. If the password has been used frequently, we advise you to change your password regularly.

3. Do not write the password on the paper or on a card to prevent loss.

4. If the password is used for conducting any transaction, the issuing bank considers the user is the cardholder. Any loss due to password leakage or improper use shall be borne by the cardholder.