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About CMBC

Brief Introduction of China Minsheng Bank

China Minsheng Bank was formally established in Beijing on 12 January 1996. It is China’s first national joint-stock commercial bank initiated and funded mainly by non-state-owned enterprises.

Over the past 20 years since establishment, accompanied by the rapid growth of China’s economy and supported by customers and various circles of society, China Minsheng bank has been taking full advantages of “new bank, new mechanism”, and has grown from a small bank with only RMB1,380 million of initially registered capital into a large-scale commercial bank with RMB320,000 million of core capital, more than RMB5,200,000 million of total assets, nearly 3,000 branches and outlets, and almost 60,000 employees. In the Top 1000 World Banks ranking released by The Banker magazine in July 2016, China Minsheng Bank was ranked at No. 33; in the Global 500 list published by Fortune magazine in July 2016, China Minsheng Bank stood at No. 221.

Being a pilot field of China’s banking reform and adhering to the mission of “live for the people and with the people”, China Minsheng Bank actively practices reforms and innovations, in aims to explore a new development path for China’s modern commercial banks, to provide specialized financial services to customers, and to create more market value and return to investors. China Minsheng Bank went public at Shanghai Stock Exchange (A share code: 600016) on 19 December 2000, finished the Full Circulation Reform on 26 October 2005 as the first commercial bank to implement the reform,and was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (H share code: 01988) on 26 November 2009. By continuing to improve corporate governance and promote reforms and transformations, China Minsheng Bank has achieved outstanding performance since going public and became a respectable public company attracting much attention from China’s financial market.

As China’s economy entered into “New Normal”, China’s commercial banks speed up strategic transformations one after another to cope with profound changes in financial industry. In February 2015, China Minsheng Bank formally launched its “Phoenix Project”, a top-level designed project aiming at all round reform and transformation to the bank. The project was put into full operation in June 2015, and a total of 39 projects were to be designed and carried out successively. Taking the implementation of the Phoenix Project as main task and in line with the development path of "strengthening corporate business, expanding retail business, optimizing financial markets business and advancing international and group-oriented development",China Minsheng Bank is accelerating strategic transformation and business restructuring to become a bank of serving non-state-owned enterprises and small businesses and a bank taking the lead in both internet finance and wealth management, and to build up sustainable development ability and competitive advantages.

Corporate Banking


China Minsheng Bank targets at well-performed state-owned large-scale enterprises, non-state-owned large-scale enterprises and public companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises which are of regional business features, industry competitive advantages, or good development prospects. In order to persistently reinforce differentiated operating ability, China Minsheng Bank takes measures such as constantly optimizing its customer structure and involvements in different industries and regions, grasping investment banking opportunities, enhancing transaction banking businesses, and accelerating the pace of international business development. By the end of June 2016, China Minsheng Bank’s total deposits from corporate customers amounted to RMB2, 331,052 million and total loans to corporate customers registered at RMB1, 467,043 million.

In terms of investment banking business, China Minsheng Bank mainly focuses on four areas, namely the area of comprehensive financial services in multi-layered capital market, the area of debt offering, investment and trading, the area of M&A and mixed-ownership reform, and the area of structural finance centered at securitization. China Minsheng Bank puts more efforts into M&A finance,IPO finance, structural finance, global finance, investment management, securitization, and so forth. For the first half of 2016, the offering volume of assets securitization reached RMB67, 000
million; 156 enterprises were supported by China Minsheng Bank to issue a total of 185 financing instruments covering commercial papers, mid-term notes, super commercial papers and private placement notes with total amount of RMB127, 500 million, representing an increase of 17% as compared with the same period in 2015.

In term of transaction banking business, China Minsheng Bank aims at quickly realizing service transformation and restoring competitive power in international businesses by efforts of setting up a new comprehensive internet service platform, focusing on strategic clients and expanding cooperation with settlement business clients. By the end of June 2016, the total number of settlement and cash management clients reached 8,793, which was 979 more than the number at the end of 2015; deposits from settlement and cash management products amounted to RMB440,475 million, increased by RMB76, 794 million as compared with the end of 2015.

Retail Banking

China Minsheng Bank targets at personal consumption, small businesses and private banking. In order to continuously improve detailed management, assets portfolio management and integrated marketing ability, China Minsheng Bank devotes more efforts to promote hierarchical customer management, to drive up abilities of customer obtaining, management and control and profit-making, as well as to aggressively push the businesses of consumer loan and wealth management forward. By the end of June 2016, total number of personal customers with deposits or loans with the bank reached 27,985,300,total balance of assets under management for personal customers was RMB1,246,355 million, and total outstanding balance of consumer loans amounted to RMB263, 931 million.

In terms of consumer loan business, China Minsheng Bank actively develops new products based on the internet. The automatic consumer loan platform has realized “self-application + automatic approval” for customers using internet banking and mobile banking services. China Minsheng Bank’s ability of acquiring new customers on-line has been improved by vigorously carrying out cross selling and raising success rate of sales with tailor-made loan products. By the end of June 2016, total outstanding balance of consumer loan business reached to RMB263, 931 million, representing an increase of RMB88, 830 million, or 50.73%, as compared with the end of 2015.

In terms of small business finance, as a pioneer in providing financial services to small businesses in China, China Minsheng Bank tries to improve comprehensive contribution value of small business customers by deepening service transformation, optimizing assets structure and promoting cross selling. By the end of June 2016, total outstanding balance of loans to small business customers amounted to RMB346, 815 million, and the number of small business customers reached 3,536,800.

In terms of private banking business, based on the deep understanding to customers, China Minsheng Bank formed its service idea of “one core and three wings”, referring to taking wealth management as the core, “investment banking +” as the special feature, internationalization as the direction and “internet +” as the tool. By the end of June 2016, assets under management for private banking customers ran up to RMB299, 739 million, and the number of qualified private banking customers stood at 15,517.

In terms of credit card business, China Minsheng Bank puts emphasis on product innovations, promotes cross-industry marketing, and provides scenario-based financial services to achieve diversified development. By the end of June 2016, the aggregated number of credit card issued amounted to 25,272,200. In the first half year of 2016, total number of new cards issued was 1,677,600, total transaction volume reached RMB579, 893 million, up 7.29% as compared with the same period in 2015, and net non-interest income was RMB7, 303 million, up 9.10% as compared with the same period in 2015.

In terms of internet finance business, by seizing the great opportunity brought about by the national strategy of “internet +”, China Minsheng Bank spares no efforts in innovations of internet services and products, such as direct bank, mobile banking, internet payment, mobile payment and internet banking, etc. Customer satisfaction continuous to improve and market share firmly stands at the first-tier of commercial banks in China. By the end of June 2016, total number of direct bank customers reached 3,609,200; accumulated subscription value of “Ruyibao” (如意宝) totaled at RMB1,190,221 million, total number of mobile banking customer reached 21,775,400. The active level of mobile banking transaction has been leading its peers in China.

Financial Markets

China Minsheng Bank adheres to the principal of “financial sector provides services to the real economy” and bolsters up innovations to realize rapid and healthy development of treasury business.By the end of June 2016, net investment of banking book was RMB1, 557,389 million, total balance of trading book was RMB35, 874 million.

In terms of financial institutions business, China Minsheng Bank targets at high-quality financial institution clients and applies “white list” to promote continuous business development. By the end of June 2016, assets and liabilities in relation to financial institutions business were RMB628,724 million and RMB1, 332,907 million, respectively.

In terms of custody business, China Minsheng Bank aims to grasp historical development opportunities ushered in by the era of “prevalent asset management” to accelerate business development.Several innovative cooperation models including “custody + agency sales”, “custody + guarantee”, and “custody + investment” have been set up. By the end of June 2016, total assets under custody reached RMB6, 112,926 million.

In terms of asset management business, China Minsheng Bank devotes to building the brand of “Apex Asset Management”(非凡资产管理) and broadens sales channels to promote rapid and healthy business development. By the end of June of 2016, total volume of wealth management products was RMB1, 334,590 million.

In terms of precious metal business, in the first half of 2016, China Minsheng Bank’s on-floor trading volumes of gold and silver were 648.93 tons and 2,913.47 tons, respectively, totaled at RMB178,481 million, which made the bank the 9th largest trading institution at Shanghai Gold Exchange, one of the most active proprietary dealers at Shanghai Futures Exchange, and one of the most important bulk gold importers in mainland of China.

In the past two decades, China Minsheng Bank navigated the tide of China’s economic and financial reforms and transformations, integrated resources, practiced innovations, made breakthroughs,blazed the trails, and achieved continuous growth both in asset scale and profits. By the end of June 2016, total assets of China Minsheng Bank reached RMB5, 250,162 million. In the first half of 2016, net profits attributable to parent company realized at RMB 27,223 million.
In the past two decades, the idea of "Minsheng Bank serves the public and people's livelihood, the public attaches to Minsheng Bank" took deep roots in China Minsheng Bank. Aiming at to become an important participator and propeller of financial institution feeding back the society, China Minsheng bank maintained special service features, devoted more efforts to inclusive finance and green finance, deeply participated in targeted poverty alleviation, medical care and education, and actively involved in cultural public welfare.

Looking forward, China Minsheng Bank will strive to achieve its grand vision of becoming a time-honored bank, adhere to the core values of “integrity, win-win cooperation, taking people as the core, and pursuit of excellence”, insist on the development idea of “taking customers as the center, taking markets as the guide, taking innovations as the driving force” and the development direction of “being group-oriented, digitalized, specialized and internationalized”, press ahead with reforms and innovations, speed up strategic transformation, and spare no efforts to become a role model in China’s banking sector to create more value to customers and to bring higher return to investors.