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About CMBC

Introduction to China Minsheng Bank

China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited (“China Minsheng Bank”, or “the Bank”) was formally established in Beijing on 12 January 1996. It is China’s first national joint-stock commercial bank initiated and founded mainly by non-state-owned enterprises (“NSOEs”). The Bank was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2000 and 2009, respectively. Now it has grown into a bank group providing commercial banking, financial leasing, fund management and global investment banking services. In the Top 1000 World Banks ranking released by The Banker in 2021, China Minsheng Bank was ranked No.26. In the Fortune Global 500 published by Fortune in 2021, it stood at No. 224.

Since its establishment, China Minsheng Bank has been adhering to the mission of “serving the public and caring about people’s livelihood”, and has become an important financial force in supporting the development of the real economy through hard-working and innovative efforts. In recent years, the Bank has been insisting on returning to the service origin, strengthening fundamental services, expanding basic customer groups, focusing on key regions and optimizing business structure, and has achieved steady development.

As at the end of June 2021, total assets of the Group (the Bank and its subsidiaries) amounted to RMB7,069,708 million, up by RMB119,475 million from the end of the previous year. Total loans and advances to customers reached RMB4,031,900 million, up by RMB177,969 million from the end of the previous year. Total liabilities amounted to RMB6,482,413 million, up by RMB73,428 million from the end of the previous year. Total deposits from customers reached RMB3,852,340 million, up by RMB124,166 million from the end of the previous year. Tier-one capital adequacy ratio and capital adequacy ration recorded 10.31% and 13.43%, respectively.

As at the end of June 2021, China Minsheng Bank had 42 tier-one branches (including Hong Kong Branch) in 41 cities across China with over 2,400 banking outlets and over 57 thousand employees,

In the past 25 years since its establishment, China Minsheng Bank has been insisting on giving back to the society with gratitude and putting fulfilling social responsibility and promoting sustainable development to an important place, and has become an important participant and promoter in making contributions to the society from the financial side. The Bank devoted to targeted poverty alleviation, helped Fengqiu County and Hua County in Henan Province out of poverty and assisted poverty alleviation in the “three autonomous regions and three autonomous prefectures”. To integrate into the national strategy of rural revitalization, the Bank proactively explored sustainable business model of “finance serving rural revitalization” and strove to build up a distinctive Minsheng service model and a highlighted Minsheng brand. The Bank improved ESG management, launched product series of green finance and facilitated “carbon peak and carbon neutral” with concrete efforts. It also hosted special charity campaigns, such as the ME Charity Innovation Funding Scheme, the exhibitions of art works of the masters in the past century, Beautiful Villages, and the medical care programs for children with congenital heart disease, etc., so as to established a Minsheng charity platform to continuously enhance the “warm power” of China Minsheng Bank.

A good wind is the time to set sail. As entering the new development stage, China Minsheng Bank will implement new philosophies, wholeheartedly serve the national strategies with focus on shaping the new development pattern and strictly implement regulatory policies and requirements. Based on its strategic positioning of becoming “a bank for NSOEs, an agile and open bank, and a bank with considerate services”, it will continue to deepen the reform of system and mechanism and cultivate corporate culture to follow the path of sound and sustainable development. The Bank will strive to develop into a first-class commercial bank with distinctive features, continuous innovation, increasing value and steady operation, and realize its grand vision of becoming a time-honored bank.