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VIP Services

CMBC has made great efforts in creating an advanced VIP service system, so that you can enjoy our superb services as a dignified guest anytime and anywhere in the world.
With a VIP card, you become honored client of CMBC. You can enjoy our VIP service and take part in our regular VIP activities.   

Unique features of VIP card---with functions of different cards and functions of various bank cards Payment in RMB automatically. Roaming service can be selected and account change can be controlled. Choose card No. by yourself to show your character. Multi-functional financing service is mature. Warm service is everywhere. With low cost, our VIP service saves you money, but provide you with respectable status.   

To provide you with superior value-added VIP service, this bank provides vehicle road-side assistance service and VIP channel in railway station from 1 July, 2011, on the basis original 3+N VIP service system. In this way, our 3+N VIP service system is upgraded to 5+N VIP service system. Meanwhile, we have adjusted our original airport VIP channel service by including reservation of airport VIP channel service into “Favored Bonus Point” platform, in order to provide you with all-around superior value-added VIP service.