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Corporate Internet Banking

  • The new CMBC Corporate Internet Banking service platform is now able to provide corporate customers with an innovative Mobile Terminal Service that will help customers handle their financial transactions, check account information, and deal with discretionary businesses anytime anywhere with their smart-phones. Based on specific customer needs, the new platform optimized and consolidated a variety of product functions. In addition, it adopted features like single logon entry point, smart authority maintenance, and icon-based operation to make the platform operation easier and more effective. Other than that, the new platform added such new services like account overview, mission center, appointed periodic transfer, electronic pay-bill, netlike discretionary account and industrial chain financing. In short, by service innovation, function diversification, and adding new functions, CMBC now can presents our customers with a brand new wireless corporate electronic financial service platform.


    Fine-featured Services


    1. Mobile Bank, Mobile Office       

    With the innovative Corporate Mobile Bank, the new platform now enables corporate customers to review the status of their deposit, loans, wealth management and fund accounts with their smart phones, and handle such Mobile Discretionary Services like transfer, payment, investment, wealth management, electronic bills, online certificate provision and other similar business. Now, a CMBC corporate customer can check the information of different accounts and have a clear view about their financial status at any time with their smart phone. Also, corporate financial staff now can grant authorization or approval to any applications in a mobile office. In addition, the Mobile Bank now provides business department queuing service, QR-code based receipt validation service, mobile reconciliation service as a complementary to the new platform to create for CMBC corporate customers a free and wireless electronic banking service environment and, thereby, further improve the quality of its customer service.        


    2.  Easy-to-use Single Log-on Entry Point       
    The new platform connects the old status-checking edition, standard edition and SME E-manager edition to a single logon entry point. The platform now can automatically identify and guide its users to use security tools in accordance with different types of customer transactions. At the first time when a corporate customer logs on the new platform, the system will in a personalized way guide the user through such processes like password setup, authority distribution and other business management functions. The new platform displays new tasks-to-do and shortcut menu at conspicuous positions of its home page to help users to quickly have a clear understanding of things-to-do and conveniently initiate some frequently used functions.         


    3. Effective Smart Account Management        
    The Account Overview function of the new platform now presents corporate customers with an overview of the status of their deposit, loans, bills, wealth management and other relevant accounts to help them quickly understand their financial status. It can meet different account management needs such as presenting displaying transaction details by day, week or month, generating financial statements in various formats and sending financial documents by email. It has integrated the two electronic receipt systems of both internet banking service and counter service. In addition, it added a post transaction receipt provision function and improved the online reconciliation function which now supports periodic multiple accounts checking and batch statements submission. In short, the new platform can bring great convenience to corporate financial management.        


    4. Powerful Transfer and Remittance Functions        
    The new platform integrated the conventional transfer and remittance functions in order to better fit for the operation habits of corporate users. In addition to providing new features like deposit prompt, transfer limit checking, transfer service fee calculation, the new Transfer and Remittance page has integrated corporate account, discretionary account and virtual account into s single receipts/payments account. Other than that, it provides many other management functions like receipts/payments-account-specific ranking and fuzzy query, appointed local/cross-bank transfer, and electronic employee pay-bill management to meet every transfer and clearing needs of CMBC corporate customers.        


    5. Cash Management, Financial Manager       
    The new platform improved its group-network function. Now the function can support the netlike discretionary relationship that is very helpful for a corporate to control its money. Not only the old zero-balance has been upgraded to a cash pool, many new functions like cash concentration modes, cash concentration frequency, payment budget control and automatic interest settlement have also been added to the automatic money concentration management function. In addition, the new platform supports displaying the hierarchical relations of different accounts, contract signature information and cash flow direction in tree diagrams. The old virtual account was also upgraded to provide functions typical of real accounts to meet users’ needs for the independent accounting of corporate secondary accounts, real time account processing, automatic bill sorting, overdraft management, automatic interest settlement, etc.        


    6. A Wide Variety of Optimized Bills Settlement Options        
    The new platform integrated PBOC Electronic Bill system and Bill Manager system into one and improved its inquiry function, enabling corporate customers to get accurate bills inquiry results in a faster way. In addition, in the improved electronic bill service system of the new platform, the electronic-bill-based pledge, presentation, validation and retrieve services were added to the new electronic bill function page. As for the Bill Manager function, bill pledge and discount application services were also added to help CMBC corporate customers improve their bill handling efficiency.        
    7. Investment, Wealth Management, Wealth Increment       
    The new platform also provides improved wealth management services like information inquiry concerning products and product purchase, as well as fast additional purchase and fund redemption functions. It also offers some special wealth management product exclusive to the corporate customers of CMBC’s Corporate Internet Banking platform that providing better ROI. The platform also supports funds holding status inquiry and can guide users to quickly search, select and purchase on-sale funds or scheduled funds. Other than that, it supports inquiry on the status of LiuDongLi B/C Series Intelligent Value Increment Services, displays the detailed information about contracts signed, and supports account balance and breakdowns inquiry function that enables corporate customers to timely learn the latest changes in the LiuDongLi business.          


    8. Special Services for Industrial Customers       
    The new platform now supports online manifest-pledge-based industrial chain spot transaction and provides corporate customers with such convenient online financial services like identity authentication, before loan bill submission, after loan management, facilities information inquiry, contract management, etc. in addition, it supports trade financial corporate to apply for and inquire information about the imports credit letter issuance, modification and foreign exchange settlement.