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Telephone Bank

Business Introduction

Personal Service Hotline: 95568

Service Time: 24/7

Service Items: Business consulting, account transaction, e-bank consulting, VIP extra-value service consulting & appointment, wealth management consulting and prescription, and complaint handling for personal debit card customers.


Business Service Hotline: 400 68 95568

Service Time: 8:00AM`6:00PM (on Weekdays except national holidays)

Service Items: Business consulting, account check, e-bank business consulting and complaint handling for organizational customers


SME Service Hotline: 400 86 95568

Service Time: 8:00AM`6:00PM (from Monday to Saturday except national holidays)

Service Items: Business consulting, financing consulting, Leshouyin account binding, repair and complaint handling for SME customers


Credit Card Service Hotline: 400 66 95568

Service Time: 24/7

Service Items: Card use consulting and application accepting for credit card customers


Introduction to 95568

The 95568 hotline of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd is a telephone service system for the individual customers with the functions of account checking, transaction and settlement. You can call 95568 to check your account information, make money transfers and remittances and pay the bills and much more.

The CMBC personal card, current account bankbook and time deposit bankbook customers do not need to activate this service. They can call 95568 at anytime and anywhere to enjoy our abundant financial services.

We’re committed to serving you with one-stop financial services on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.


Features & Advantages

Easy use & convenient operations: The 95568 telephone bank has combined the automatic voice service and receptionist service. You only need to press the buttons on the phone and simply enjoy our self-help and receptionist services.

Easy procedures and diversified types: The 95568 telephone bank provides you account management and investment services at anytime and anywhere without going to the business points of the bank.

Low cost and man power-saving: The 95568 telephone bank can provide virtually all the services on the phone which will save you both time and cost.


Risk Reminders

1. Please keep your information and passwords in secret. Any loss of password might led to stolen information and money on your account.

2. Please use mobile phone or phones with number storage and display functions for the e-bank service. Please erase the password and account information immediately after use.