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Wang Le Dai

  •   Wang Le Dai is a business loan product based on credit launched by CMBC, requiring no collateral and with the maximum credit line up to RMB 300,000 and annual interest rate of 14.76%; the interest is accrued on a daily basis, enabling borrowing and repayment at any time. Customers can directly use the loan through consumption, cash withdrawal and transfer, without the process to withdraw through online banking or mobile banking; it is the preferred option for you to use funds for business.

    The required application materials for Wang Le Dai are business license and UnionPay POS Merchant No.; Minsheng customers and non-Minsheng customer can both use the website of Home of Small and Micro Enterprises, the official WeChat account of Home of Small and Micro Enterprises, Minsheng Mobile Banking for Small and Micro Enterprises and other Internet channels to make the application. Fill out the application information online, to apply the loan only in 5 steps, and know the credit line in 5 minutes; we are here to provide small and micro enterprise customers with the most attentive service and the most convenient experience.

    Now the product has been launched in: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Chengdu, Shijiazhuang, and Taiyuan.