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Credit policy of China Minsheng Bank on agriculture and forestry

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China Minsheng Bank has formulated credit policies related to agriculture and forestry in its annual credit policies.

In the field of agricultural production, support was provided to the leading enterprises and high-quality enterprises in major crop production bases and green food production bases with industrialised operation, and the leading enterprises in the agriculture industry with scale advantages, brand effects and were in the list announced by the competent authorities such as the agricultural department. In the breeding sector, support was provided to the large-scale breeding enterprises that complied with environmental protection standards, and had integrated strict and complete epidemic prevention and control system and quality inspection and control system. In the fishing industry, support was provided to large-scale, intensive, sustainable, technologically advanced and highly demanded aquaculture enterprises with appropriate aquaculture resources, and the top listed fishing grounds and enterprises nationwide. In the forestry industry, support was provided to government-led projects for tree breeding and afforestation with outstanding resource conditions, scale management capabilities, and prioritised support from national and local governments. In the agricultural and sideline food processing industry, support was provided to large-scale agricultural and sideline product processing enterprises in the top ranks of the sub-industries with advanced technology and equipment, complete industrial chains, stable upstream and downstream, and quality assurance and risk resistance against price fluctuations.

It was clarified that credit support would not be provided to the enterprises with potential food safety risks, unqualified production environments, unqualified safety production testing, and controversial media and public opinion.