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“Money Money Rolling-in” Interbank Funds Collection Customer Feedback Activity

1. Time September 20, 2012 – January 31, 2013 II. Scope Interbank funds collection customers, including all individual customers using online banking interbank funds collection and interbank remittance system service III. Content 1. Telephone fees for agreement signing: Interbank funds collection customers signing the agreement since the date of the event will receive telephone fees worth RMB 20. A total of 50,000 pieces are available for the event.

2. Funds collection for good luck: During the event, each month, 30 lucky customers will be randomly chosen from all the interbank funds collection customers that month for bonus points equivalent of one iPhone 4S. The first lucky-draw is to be conducted between September 20 and October 31, and the following in November, December, and January 2013 respectively. 3. “Money Money Rolling-in” annual award: All funds collection customers will be ranked according to the rise of average daily financial assets in January 2013 as against that in August 2012. The top 100 customers will receive points equivalent of an iPad (32G). IV. Description 1. The winners’ list will be released in the website of the bank ( 2. CMBC will recharge the phones of the top 50,000 customers the meet the above conditions. This telephone bill prepayment activity only involves telephone numbers of the three major operators (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom), not including PHS, in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan).

3. All the gifts (iPhone 4S, iPad) will be sent to customers in equivalent points. Customers can exchange the points for their gifts or other gifts in CMBC online shop. The delivery is limited to mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan).

4.Within the permission of law, CMBC retains the interpretation to the event. Please call 95568 for more information.