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Chairman Hong Qi Won "Touching Red Ribbon Award" and "Decade Merit Award" by China Red Ribbon Foundation

On November 30, just before the 28th World AIDS Day, the 10th anniversary commemoration "Love at the Decade" of China Red Ribbon Foundation was held in Beijing; at the commemoration, the results of AIDS prevention work by the Red Ribbon Foundation for the last 10 years were presented to the whole society and the fourth "Touching Red Ribbon Award" and "Decade Merit Award" was granted to Mr. Hong Qi, CMBS Chairman, who have made outstanding contributions to AIDS prevention and control. Mr. Huang Mengfu, Honorary President of the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer, Representative of World Health Organization to China, and more than 200 representatives of government agencies, businesses and media reporters attended the commemoration.

Chairman Hong Qi said in the acceptance speech that the decade of participation in the cause of AIDS prevention by China Red Ribbon Foundation is of great importance for CMBC; we are working together to make the cause of AIDS prevention with a warm program for public good; each HIV sufferer is a fellow we should support; they need not only timely and professional treatment, but also generosity of the society; we hope more people can do something for the cause of AIDS prevention in China and even the world and CMBC will continue to support this significant program for public good.

Since 2005, CMBC has been giving priority to AIDS prevention and control in charitable donations and initiated the establishment of China Red Ribbon Foundation. In 2008, CMBC made a commitment to China Red Ribbon Foundation for donating 30000000 CNY to finance and resettle children and adolescents affected by AIDS in poverty-stricken areas of Henan, Yunnan, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Anhui and Shanxi, making thousands of children back to school for a good education; it encouraged the women in the areas seriously affected by AIDS to give birth in hospital, established village clinics in areas of high HIV prevalence, antiretroviral treatment centers, gave "red ribbon health packages" to more than 500000 migrant workers and carried out far-reaching publicity and education activities in various forms. In 2012, it donated 5000000 CNY for the construction of a benevolence boarding school for the local children of special difficulties affected by AIDS in Daliang Mountains; in this September, the first batch of 900 needy children will learn and live at Minsheng Bank Red Ribbon Benevolence School in the depths of the mountains. Students from the Benevolence School sang the school song "Mawei" in Yi at the conference site; they said, Mawei means "flower of hope", indicating that "Minsheng Bank Red Ribbon Benevolence School" is as warm as home.



 Huang Meng Fu (right), Honorary President of ACFIC awards for Chairman Hong Qi (left)

Students from the Benevolence School sang the school song "Mawei" in Yi at the conference site