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Optimize the Talent Structure Reserve, Strengthen Cadres Echelon Construction - Taiyuan Branch Launched “3130” Strategic Planning for Talent Selection and Training

By CMBC Taiyuan branch  


2012 was a crucial year in the restructuring and development of Taiyuan Branch, and its launch of a comprehensive talent training strategy. To further enhance the strategic transformation capacity and management level of Taiyuan branch, meet the needs of talent in business development, and actively practice the back-up talent cultivation guidance of the head office, the Branch took the opportunity of the head office “Three Thirty One-hundred” young cadres echelon construction project to innovate its talent training model.

In March this year, the bank launched a comprehensive “3130” strategic planning for talent selection and training and would complete a new round of significant talent selection in three years. It would assign 30 young business backbones of high ability and integrity to all business lines of the branch for primary and above management and sustainable talent supply for the restructuring and development of the branch. “3130” strategic planning for talent selection and training was carried out respectively in commissioned training of new employees, staff promotion in the dispatch system, target assessment project selection, operation staff five-type channel, 1+1 department and office temporary post exercise, 1+N middle management reserve training, professional introduction and management, and post roster planning.

It covered all lines of the bank, broke barriers to employee turnover inside the branch, opened up in a creative way a new promotion channel, and followed no set form in the exploration, cultivation and use of young talents. In commissioned training of new employees, the branch developed a thorough program for learning cycle of new employees in three months. It signed a commission agreement, conducted training and dynamic assessment, and carried out a comprehensive evaluation to help new employees get familiar with the bank’s course of development, corporate culture and concept, the development strategies, focus of the year, as well as workflow, focus, annual work measures of all lines of their posts. In the promotion of dispatched employees, the branch followed the head office’s standardized positions and carried out probation appraisal, job adjustments, reclassifications according to performance evaluation and comprehensive assessment of W-type employees of formal and informal posts. It was designed to optimize the career development direction of dispatched staff, open promotion channels for them and enhance their sense of belonging for CMBC.

In the target assessment of the project team, the branch set off a craze of teamwork project development within the market sequence of the bank. Through incentives such as implementation of the project management, team work, and quantitative assessment, it encouraged non-management staff of the whole bank to apply for personal project or team project implementation program, which would then be publicized, dynamic assessed and finally excellent ones thoroughly evaluated and appraised. Accordingly, the branch would give individual sequence promotion and project results display to mine first-line business backbones with strong expanding abilities and extensive marketing experience.

In operation personnel “five-type” channel construction, the branch aimed to build career development paths for operation personnel, optimize the allocation of resources for operational sequence, and adopt star ratings to inspire operation personnel to realize leaps and bounds from the existing operational positions to a high standard that involved five types, i.e. technological-based, service-oriented, innovative, process-based, and marketing type. In 1+1 department and office temporary post exercise, the branch encouraged department and office staff to volunteer to learn in frontline agencies. It would enrich their grass-roots work experience, front-line market experience, multi-post leadership experience, and improve their ability to learn the business and expand the market in different environment. By developing all-round management talent, it would enhance the combined effectiveness of the management department.

In 1+N middle management reserve training, every year, the branch chose 10 to 15 people as key reserve cadres. With the core of ability growth and follow-up feedback, following the principle of interaction, participation, and talent cultivation in an all-round manner and the full process, it adopted a variety of training to create a full-fledged core reserve of cadres, build a solid talent pool, as well as a planned, targeted, systematic personnel training mode. It strengthened capacity-building and the assessment appraisal standards of value contribution, tapped the potential of outstanding young people, and prepared core personnel of solid operational capacity and excellent overall quality for the business lines of the branch.

In the introduction and management of professionals, the branch exerted itself to broaden the introduction channels, increase efforts in bringing in all kinds of professional talents, and regulated assessment management of people introduced and recommended. Abiding by the principle of interaction, participation, and talent cultivation in an all-round manner and the full process, it gave full play to professionals in their areas and enhanced the contribution of human resources. In roster posts and “successor” plans, the branch actively broke the operational constraints of job sequence, developed a comprehensive staffing, improved personnel operation efficiency, discovered and inspired employee potential, and enhanced the comprehensive ability of the staff to grasp the overall situation.

It prepared inter-disciplinary talent equipped with first-line market experience, organization promotion ability, expertise and a wealth of practical experience. Moreover, it improved the quality of personnel, gave full play to staff expertise, and sustainable development and win-win of the branch. Through comprehensive, multi-angle cultivation, selection broadening and optimization, “3130” talent selection and training project changed the original one-direction recommendation and applied dual and flexible selection methods. For one thing, personnel were selected according to the performance. It was close to the front line, market-oriented, and adopted the incentive mode of target management quantitative assessment to select business backbones with outstanding performance, ambition and actual action for the branch.

For another, the project screened and selected personnel for the management. It chose and trained high-quality and composite reserve forces with rich experience in management from CMBC youth backbones that had excellent performance and agreed themselves with the corporate culture of the bank. The project was to create a new situation where every person of the branch could to their best according to their lights, and realize its ultimate goal, i.e. to booster the strategic restructuring, operating results and management effect of the branch. Currently, Taiyuan branch has commissioned the training of over 90 new employees.

It developed one-to-one training program, regularly evaluated the progress of the training, and included it in the routine management work of the institution. It appraised the probation of 30 dispatched employees that had worked for a long time with the bank and made achievements at work. Through project and process appraisal, it set up 22 strategic project teams to select and train grass roots employees stood out in marketing and management for sub-branch market team reserve. It recommended 3 department and office employees with comprehensive ability and expertise to on-the-job placement in operating agencies for overall improvement. It selected and trained more than 40 excellent staff with high ideological quality, extensive experience in grass-roots work, outstanding performance, and training potential to respective enter the middle and junior management cadres reserve. The project also introduced more than 10 resource-based and professional talents and 68 staff of the bank were involved in roster posts and successor plans. “3130” was promoted in multi levels and all-round manner, and team management mode optimized.

Talent was the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and “3130” talent selection and training project fully demonstrated that the party committee of the branch had attached great importance to personnel training, the construction of reserve forces for existing management, the realization of medium-term sustainable development, and the satisfaction of needs of restructuring and development for talent.