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Bringing Together the Power of Youth, Boosting the “Second Take-off” – CMBC Chengdu Branch Innovative Youth Elite Club Thoroughly Implemented “Three Thirty One-hundred” Talent Strategic Project

By CMBC Chengdu Branch   

I hope that you implement to the full “325” that is in tune with “Three Thirty One-hundred” strategy and cultivate a young team in Chengdu Branch with innovative thinking, enterprise, sense of responsibility and passion. It is the hope of China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd., and also that of Chengdu Branch. Chengdu Branch has been very conscientious and worked very hard, so I am confident with your “325”. Measure it with the value of “six improvements” and cultivate a team dare a tough fight and with truly innovative thinking, Chengdu Branch will surely walk in the forefront of the system. I hope you keep your tradition of innovation and make a more brilliant performance in the second take-off. - Message from Hong Qi, Party Secretary and President of CMBC head office to youth work at Chengdu Branch                            
Early at the beginning of 2011, President of CMBC head office Hong Qi clearly put forward in Youth Work Conference 2011 “Three Thirty One-hundred” project for sustainable development of young cadres reserve for the bank. Chengdu Branch under the leadership of Secretary of the Party Committee and President Xiong Jin has always attached great importance to youth work. It quickly introduced a series of measures to further promote youth work and worked out “325” young cadres reserve, a clear reserve plan that would select at least 20 middle-level cadres from excellent young employees in three years, 5 to 7 each year, to “seamlessly” match the “Three Thirty One-hundred” project of the head office. Meanwhile, it also decided to set up CMBC “Youth Elite Club” as a carrier for the specific cultivation of young reserve cadres for Chengdu Branch.

In June 2011, CMBC Chengdu Youth Elite Club was officially established. It was under the guidance of the Organization Department of Chengdu Branch Party Committee and implemented by the Communist Youth League. It was an innovative carrier of the branch for in-depth implementation of “party and youth league building”, improving institutionalized management of the training of young reserve cadres, and enhancing the cohesion of the group organization. Chengdu Branch actively grasped the characteristics of the branch and conducted effective practice to give full play to role of outstanding young pioneers. The Club provided a platform for common learning, exchange, growth and development of young employees excellent in “virtue, diligence, ability and performance”, with the ultimate goal to train a large number of young employees that were politically reliable, capable, fully motivated at work to gradually enrich the middle-level cadres of the branch, turning the Club into “Whampoa Military Academy” for the training of young talents for CMBC Chengdu Branch. Build a training platform, bring together young talents For Chengdu Branch, besides the spirit of dedication and good individual performance, employees regarded as young elite shall also have a strong ideological and political quality, comprehensive and integrated management capabilities, professionalism and excellent coordination capacity. In other words, they should be “all-round contestants”. In June 2011, under the direct attention of the party committee of the branch headed by Xiong Jin, the Youth League of Chengdu Branch strictly followed the standard of “virtue, diligence, ability and performance” and formally absorbed the first batch of 46 young employees to join CMBC Chengdu Youth Elite Club after department recommendation, approval by the bank in charge of the branch and careful selection by the party committee. These young employees formed an important back-up team for the future selection of young cadres of Chengdu Branch. For a moment, the entire Chengdu Branch became much bustling and the establishment of CMBC Chengdu Youth Elite Club instilled new vitality into this young branch. Young elites deemed it a great affirmation of their ability to work by joining the Club, and the strict access mechanism made them realize that it was more than just a glory; it was also responsibility, as they had to pay more efforts for the development of the branch after getting more opportunities for career growth. They also set an example in Chengdu Branch to inspire and guide more young employees, so that they could love their work, forge ahead and form a good atmosphere where all competed and strived to be excellent.

Improve training program, innovate talent training mechanism Chengdu Branch worked out training program tailored for young elite, promoted and carried out various youth activities with innovative ideas, and built a good platform for youth to foster their capacities and showcase their talents. The Club not merely focused on business skills; it also involved traditional ideological education, such as national conditions, the history of CPC, conditions and history of the bank, as well as comprehensive content bound to improve their enterprise, sense of responsibility, spirit of collaboration, innovative thinking, efficiency concept, self-image, etc. Since its establishment in May 2011, CMBC Chengdu Youth Elite Club had organized various types of learning and research activities to reinforce the quality of its members in a number of aspects based on their day-to-day work. The activities included: “Recalling the Cause of Suffering and Looking into the Brilliant Future of People’s Livelihood”, an event to celebrate 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Chinese culture and modern management seminars, “June 1” lectures given by party secretary, “Knowing the History and Conditions of the Bank, Endeavoring with China Minsheng Banking Corporation” – a face to face theme activity of the branch leadership and young employees, as well as Macroeconomic Situation Analysis & Business Development Direction Seminars 2012. These activities were lively in form, and very educational. They furthered the sense of belonging and cohesion of young employees, who, including members of the Youth Elite Club, had actively responded to and participated in these events. Focus on the core work, boost the “Second Take-off”

Chengdu Branch not only provided members of the Youth Elite Club with a good platform for career development, but also consciously exerted pressure on them to encourage them to play advanced exemplary role. While pursuing excellence in their own work, members of the Youth Elite Club should bravely take on responsibilities in business development, galloping ahead with sword drawn! CMBC Chengdu Branch celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012. March 5, the Youth League of Chengdu Branch took the lead to hold a conference to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the branch, with the title “Cheering the Bank, Greeting its Anniversary”. In the conference, all members of the Youth Elite Club read the proposal the Club specially prepared for the anniversary. The proposal clearly referred to the goal of “Three Tens” of the Club and Youth League members this year, i.e. increasing ten hundred million new deposits, launching ten major products, and optimizing ten management processes. Member of the club handed a satisfactory answer in less than three months after the conference, that was, new deposits of 2.7 billion! Build a growth platform, set up a long-time training mechanism From its inception in 2011, while improving themselves in activities, the Club members also fully demonstrated their overall ability and had been recognized by the party committee of the branch. As of the end of May this year, eight of them grew into middle-level cadres above department assistants and 4 became junior cadres or above. Wang Jianfei and Li Lunyi from the Club stood out in more than 300 elites and successfully entered the first 40 in the finals of “Three Thirty One-hundred”, becoming core members in the first batch of the head office’s young cadres reserve.

According to Xiong Jin, President of Chengdu Branch, the Youth Elite Club was an important measure the branch took to implement the construction of party and the Youth League. Over the past year, the Youth League of the branch relied on the Club and took the lead to carry out a number of activities with pioneering, educational and practical significance around the core work, thus laying a solid foundation for the branch to promote youth work. Members of the Youth League of the branch also played an increasingly important role in the central work of the branch. In the future, Chengdu Branch would further its tapping of outstanding employees, gradually expand the scope of the Club, and build the Club into a long-term mechanism to train outstanding young cadres. As Chairman of the Board said, young people were the future of China Minsheng Banking Corporation. The current competition in the financial industry was both a challenge and an opportunity to the young branch. Under the leadership of the party committee of the head office, Chengdu Branch would actively grasp the characteristics of the times, keep up with the strategic objectives of the head office, and further improve the institutional management. By strengthening efforts to train young talents and their services to the branch, Chengdu Branch would guide young people in various forms, educate them, train them, and lead them to courageously forge ahead. They would fight in the vanguard, enjoy their beautiful youth with wisdom and sweat, and contribute to the “Second Take-off” of the bank with full responsibility and passion.