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Devotion, Integrity, Passion, Kindness – CMBC Chairman Dong Wenbiao Talked with Young People from “Three Thirty One-hundred” Project

By HR Department  


May 6, 2012, Chairman Dong Wenbiao cordially received and talked with young finalists of “Three Thirty One-hundred” Project on issues much concerned in aspects of their thought and work. Chairman of the Supervisory Board presided over the seminar. Also attended the seminar were Vice President of Party-Mass Work Division (presiding over the work) Huang He, HR Deputy General Manager Wang Hairu, Assistant General Manager Xu Qiang, and other leaders from the head office.

All the young contestants said that they had learned much in “Three Thirty One-hundred” Project and got deeper understanding of the significance of the project. Besides the profound understanding of the strategic restructuring and the overall deployment of the board of directors and the party committee of CMBC head office, they also realized the gaps in meeting the challenges of the future as youth groups. It further stimulated their unique passion and vitality, and their mission to shoulder the strategic transformation of the bank. In the seminar, some contestants talked about their feeling of participating in “Three Thirty One-hundred” Project, their work experience with the bank and their wishes to it. Some reported on their recent work and problems they encountered, and put forward recommendations for the future development of the bank. All the contestants were active in speaking out and the seminar went on in a heated atmosphere.

On listening to the speech of young employees, Chairman Dong Wenbiao delivered an important speech. He first affirmed the effectiveness of “Three Thirty One-hundred” Project and stressed the importance of team building. He asked the contestants to correctly understand the project, so that they would not get a heavy burden because of it, or feel self-satisfied over a minor success. They should go back to their work and work hard as usual. In the speech, Chairman Dong Wenbiao also required young employees to keep in mind the following four words: “First, devotion. One can only harvest with sustained devotion, as it goes: “Reap what you sow”. The second was sincerity. Be sincere to your colleagues, customers, and do not change yourself easily. Heart to heart communication, honest and sincerity are the basis of interpersonal relationship. The key is not how much you “say”, but how much you “do”. The third is passion. Passion, in other words, is creation. It is your love and pursuit of your career. As young employees, you should pay more attention to them. The fourth is kindness. To be a good leader, you should be kind to people and things around. Have a broad mind and learn to be tolerant.”

In his speech, Chairman Dong Wenbiao also stressed “six improvements” and highlighted the following points for young employees: first, enterprise. Enterprise meant pursuit, without which one person could only live a life without much sense. One should know the meaning of being an official before becoming one. Second, a sense of responsibility, with which one had the courage to take on responsibilities. Good leaders and entrepreneurs all had got amazing sense of responsibilities. A leader that could not assume responsibilities was not a good leader and was absolutely unable to lead the business to success. Third, it was the spirit of collaboration. To change itself and its traditional way of thinking, CMBC had to solve the problem of collaboration. Only with collaboration could the production be carried out in scale, costs lowered, and competitiveness improved. Fourth, self image. People would pay attention to each other’s words and deeds, so one should never slack off. To be a good manager, one shall lay great stress on their own image, cultivation and keep learning.

In the seminar, Chairman Duan called on everyone to carefully study the spirit of the speech of the Chairman of the Board. First, they should interpret and get a profound understanding of four words and “six improvements” highlighted in the speech. Second, they should correctly comprehend “Three Thirty One-hundred” Project, a training and improving system specially built for young employees of the bank. Based on the competition this year, the head office would set up a complete, standardized and scientific training mechanism of young employees and normalize it. Third, young employees should practice the speech of the Chairman of the Board in their daily work, be dedicated and conscientious at work, and steadfast in life. They should further temper and perfect themselves.